jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

Being busy with..

My new HDD came last weekend, so i was busy formatting, and re-formmating, and re-formatting and.. you get the idea, everything is fine now, but i spent all week reading the new volumen fo The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (i finished last night), so, if you were wondering why the progress bars weren't moving, that's why.

PD: YES! the novel didn't end in volume 11 yahoo!!!!!

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  1. Hi! i want to say your game is awesome ! this is best hentai game ever ! thank you for your work !Good luck and all the best

  2. So whens the new addition coming out?

  3. Question I'm getting extremely loss in this game after I beat the Golem I can't figure out where to go next I've been trying everything but nothing works can someone help me please?

  4. Nothing after Golem is done yet, so be patient for next update I guess. ;-)

  5. Heya Uriel!

    Recognized there are no updates from you and the advance bars didn't change in a long time. I hope you're alright? ^^

    And I also hope you still work on this game. I don't wanna hear anything about "quitted", "Mitsuko X" is far too great to be quitted like that. *sniff*

    I'll be waiting for the next demo as long as it takes, but I hope you could say a few words around here, to show you're still alive. ^^

    Greets & all the best!

  6. Hello thar! Love the game. Can't believe someone finally used an "Excitement" bar(With the animations and all) Great stuff. Hope to read a new post soon.

  7. Hi Uriel. You might or might not remember me from TP's forum. It's me, Yuni... though by a different name here. I want to say I've played your demo, and I'm good buddies with Pen now, your assistant artist. She tells me you've been down lately... your game is great Uriel, don't let anything with TP get you down. Your game is complex, fun and varied. When it's complete it will be a masterpiece, much longer than anything TP makes. Keep your chin up Uriel, we ALL love your work. Anyone else agree with me here?

  8. yea i agree with you Xander :3 and i do hope that thisgame is still being made/updated since i don't see any new post and i can't tell if the little green bars on top are moving XD but i hope this game is still being worked on

  9. You do great work Uriel..I have liked your project from the start..I am also a HUGE Megaman fan like you are..and love how you have incorporated a hentai twist to your own version in Mitsuko X..I very much look forward to playing/testing future versions of the game..please do not give up, or lose faith. I am sure I speak for everyone who likes your work, when I say we all appreciate your hard work and dedication towards your project.

    Thank you,


  10. aw man, hopefully you dont drop the game, this game rocks! i must say its one of those games that you check out in everything! My first impression were the animations, giving the ''real'' animation (Climbing a corner, running)real great detail!

    keep it up man! your game is really one of my favourites to play!

  11. Yes, please don't fuck us with much longer wait.
    We know, what takes long time, it's going good, but last version is from august!!! ... do you want to let us beg you?
    Ok, I beg you, give us a little new stuff :D