sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

You know this was going to happen...

Well. I'm been thinking a lot lately, I think you guys at least deserve a word from me, since most of the joy of working on this project was because there were people that liked to play it.
So, I won't beat around the bushes: I'm dropping this project effectively and permanently.

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  1. Well, I did not know this was going go happen and I was worried that something, you know, BAD happended.
    Happy to see its just a change of mind. It is a pity but nothing we can do about it.

    Still it would be a great thing if what you've done so far will not be lost. Please onsider writing some hint or tutorial on how realizing games this good.

    Good Luck

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  3. Could you post the source files to LoK forum?

  4. No, don't do that. Keep your unique sources, so nobody will make bad use of your hard work.

    1. Uh why, we see how many flash projects die every year because the creator decided to quit out or was never serious to begin with.

      I say post it to LoK at the very least some one might try to finish it, hell I would finish it with the source in hand and probably make a Non-H version to pass around just because its that well made of a base game.

  5. shame, one of the few blogs i actually followed.

  6. Keep the files on hand, you never know when you'll get a spark of interest and work on it. Just do it in secret and if you wind up getting stuff to a point where you wanna show off your work just bomb the community with it. Whatever your choices are, you're an awesome guy and I support it. Personally I think the stuff I've seen you do is absolutely amazing, so you can do whatever the fuck you want bro.

  7. Son of a bitch !! I KILL YOUR FAMILY !

  8. damn its 2 bad for us. but i think u realy thinked about it.

    maybe til a next time.


  9. man and i really liked it to, do you think you could release what ever you have done so far? I'm sure people would really appreciate it. thanks for the work so far though.

  10. I wished for "Mitsuko X" to reach a final version. Especially the last demo experienced a complete makeover in a very positive way. Apart from "Project X", this game was my favorite, and I was waiting patiently, but eagerly for an update.

    It saddens me to hear "Mitsuko X" has been cancelled, and I don't really understand the reason "I don't like hentai anymore". But it's Uriel's game, and whatever reason he thinks is good enough to quit it, it's good enough.

    Still thank you for your work on "Mitsuko X", Uriel. I really enjoyed every demo release, and I wish you good luck on whatever you are focussing now instead of hentai. ^^

  11. @fatmancory: Actually that sounds like a good idea, I think I'll upload tomorrow.
    @Stuffie: I won't elaborate but one thing I can tell you this a decision throughly meditated, but also is final (some friend tried to talk me out of it but she couldn't).
    But that doesn't mean I'm quiting game dev, in fact now I'll focus on my megaman game, but it'll take a time 'cause I'm gonna do custom sprites by myself (from zero not modifying), I learned a lot making Mitsuko X, so it'll be fun.

  12. Are you really sure you won't continue it? :(

  13. Thanks for the reply Uriel. In this case, I wish you good luck for your progress on your Mega Man game. :)

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  15. Uriel thank you for the last update.
    imagine how the game would be if it would be completely finished. seems really great.

    and suppose you ever go through the slime freezes. unfortunately haha.
    the ground seems to have been placed incorrectly.
    also runs the game well and the animations are still great.

    by your long wait, I did a post on it may no longer live or hospital visit.

    hopefully it is readable English and Spanish (I thought you were spanish) so I used google translator.

    Greetings CB

    Uriel gracias por la última actualización.
    imaginar cómo sería el juego si sería completamente terminado. parece muy bien.

    y supongamos que usted alguna vez a través de la congelación de baba. por desgracia, jaja.
    la tierra parece haber sido colocado de forma incorrecta.
    También funciona bien el juego y las animaciones siguen siendo importantes.

    por su larga espera, hice un post en que ya no pueden vivir o visitar el hospital.

    espero que se puede leer Inglés y Español (pensé que eran españoles), así que usa el traductor de google.

    saludos CB

  16. Wow. Ultimate sadness. But I think you're lying! Of course you still like Hentai..it is a drug, a disease! You will give in!

    I really loved playing all your demos, and liked your art a lot. I'm really sad I won't get to see what you've been tinkering with. It's a lot of hard work, making a game! But! All is not lost! I'm sure if you spread your sprites and art files, someone can pick it up, or even help you with it.

  17. Are you sure you cannot be convinced to simply finish what you have slated in your progress bar indicator, and make that your final release? Call it a final 'going out with a bang' release!

  18. I'll... think about it, but I don't want to give false hope to anyone...

  19. The thought is all we can ask you. Happy Holidays, don't stress! Enjoy this time of year. Don't get alcohol poisoning, either!

  20. Que tristesa, este juego estaba llendo a una direccion muy interesante

  21. Too bad bad man, this game has ALOT of potential. i was looking forward to the final product. Good luck in the future but heres hoping you come back and finish this as a side project!

  22. and what about doing this for money?
    Put up a donation box and i'm pretty sure that us fans will be more than happy to give you one more reason to LOVE doing hentai

  23. The money wouldn't matter. That would put more pressure on Uriel to produce, and he would like making the game even less.

    The result of that would be a piss poor game due to lack of enthusiasm.

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  26. Excuse me for I say that but: you are a loser.
    You created the best flash-game that it was possible to think up.
    With the splendid game genre.
    Amusing enemies, and good hentai atmosphere.
    But you didn't finish it and were given halfway. Told: "Enough" and gave up.
    And after all could complete a flash and receive a masterpiece.
    You unless don't understand that you created?
    I too didn't understand value and sense of the works I never reflected earlier that can leave if to develop to make and finish.
    I simply did the work, and selling ideas and no more.
    But now I see that you not idle time. In you there are such possibilities which do you unique.
    This allocates you from mass, it puts you on a step above, and it that other as talent and persistent work. Believe me I already checked yours a flash and it was struck - you had to create a lot of different sprites to create the game. And now...? You refuse? You give up? Really you are a loser? One of those someone is silent and throws everything halfway? Or you indeed such lazy? Ask itself these questions at a leisure.
    I wish you good luck ;)