sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

More waiting

Hey guys, just dropped by to share some light to all those fellows that don't quite handle the waiting. I know progress has been slow, but as I stated on a previous post, it was because of some draws and commissions I was doing, but now that October it's over I can work on the game again...well, THAT would be the case if not for the fact that just a couple of days ago I downloaded Dark Souls for PC, and to say I'm hooked to the game would be an understatement, so progress may even be put on hold because I'm finding really hard to stop playing that thing, but anyway, I'll keep you updated whenever I made some progress 'kay? (Now pray that I don't get my hands on Demon Souls...)


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  1. take your time man, none of us is paying you to do this right? we aprecciate the gift and sacrifice you give to us ^^

  2. Dark souls? Dude u are never come back XD i still remenber how hooked i was when the game came out last year 2 months playing Only that one game. U should get the DLC of Artorias of the abbys.

  3. Shi, mahn. Tha' thing gonna kill ya some day or somthin'
    Ya' better take some nice stuff. Some good stuff, if u'know wha' I mean.
    Get some shi', relax. Tha' shi' is good for ya, u'know? Сontributes to the creative process. Ya' hear me?

  4. Very unprofessional, but this isn't a professional job so enjoy Dark Souls

  5. A question I'd like answered.

    I beat the game on nnormal mode, and am attempting to do the same on hard. I have all the weapons and all the cards and bullets... but i can't seem to find the last item. Is there a final item or is that all there is to hard mode?

    1. Right now you can't, because I forget to add the code so the game counts the swinsuit for that mode, which I don't think is that bad, since you get nothing form beating hard mode, next release it will unlock easy mode, and that will unlock the gallery.