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I got word form this by the author himself (cheshirecat), I didn't even knew of it before, so, we exchanged links (well, more like I added his to my blog :P), but anyway, he asked if I could check it out and give it a little spotlight here, and I'm happy to oblige, there's a say where I live "The fastest way to accomplish something, is to help someone achieve it", but anyway, moving on, so, I tried to give it a complete playthrough, but I couldn't find the time, and I just couldn't take my time to do this, there's a time limit, so all my opinions are based on the first couple of levels I played.

Well, so basically it's a 'tower' type of game (man, they have a category for anything nowadays) and what that means is that the game revolves around your char climbing a tower in a platformer 2D style, you can tell by the image above that it's art style is sprite base, there's also sprite sex, basically you climb the tower avoiding the female monster girls, at first it causes you no harm, but in the following levels, you are chasing by flowing lava, so any intercourse with them will take away precious time to climb and not die. Now, despite being low res sprites all around, they are remarkably well animated, I like when attention to detail is put in a game, and it's even more commendable when it's done with such low res graphics. Now, game play: The controls are very responsive (though myself am not a big fan of jumping with the UP arrow, but that's easily by passed with JoyToKey) and the difficult very refreshing, not insanely hard (at least to where I got) nor retarded easy (like so much ppl like it nowadays), particularly I liked the fact that when you die it looks like the game takes you to another beginning, I'm not sure what implications this haves (maybe it adds difficulty?) but it serves to incentive the player to try and not make mistakes.

Overall, a very good game to pass the time, as his author describes it, it's a casual sprite sex game, but the challenge is good enough to hold all together, so give it a try if you have the time, plus is very cheap  (3.50 US$) I don't think you'll dissapointed.

Here's the link for the ones of you that are interested:


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