lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Finally some progress :P

La mecánica de la animación de jadeo cuando te suelta un enemigo después de "lugar" contigo en horny ya está casi lista, sólo falta agregar un timer al enemigo que te acaba de soltar para que no ataque por un pequeño período de tiempo, para simular que está descansando después de la "actvidad física vigorosa", sin embargo, si otro enemigo se acerca y te ataca antes de que llenes la barra y te levantes se inicia el rape normalmente.

The panting animation it's almost done, I just need to apply a timer for the enemy that just grabbed you to not to attack, so it looks like it is resting after the rape, however, if another enemy approaches and attacks you, you'll get raped if you haven't fill the bar to get up.


7 comentarios:

  1. Yay update! I've been missing them. :3

  2. Keep em coming uriel! Hounds of the blade was just updated afetr 1 year so now you have some competition for "best ACT game in a world" prize :)

  3. Looking forward.. this has alot of promise!

  4. Sounds good :) keep up the great work, love the game till so far , bet evryone does!

  5. I play this on a nightly basis to beat my own time. I'm happy to hear progress :D

  6. O___O

    waiting.... waiting.. waitinngg.g...... ugh, such a good gammmmmmeee want moooorrrrrrrrrrreee

    *flops around*

  7. It sounds really awesome, hope that comes along smoothly. Really looking forward to playing more of this game.