domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014


Primero que nada, sólo para dejar constancia que sigo vivo :P No se preocupen, tengo un set up cómo el de L en Death Note, así que cuando realmente me muera, aparecerá una nueva entrada que dirá "U IS DEAD" XD

Ok, en cuanto respecta a avances, hace poco decidí aumentar un poco el ancho de la pantalla del juego, ahora es 50% más ancha, lo que ayuda a ver a los enemigos antes de tenerlos en la cara, la verdad sí se sentía medio claustrofóbico el juego. Pero cómo ya se imaginarán, eso conlleva que tengo que actualizar alguno que otro elemento para que encaje al nuevo tamaño de pantalla, pero nada grave.

Ok, first of all, just dropping by so everyone knows I'm still alive :P Don't worry, I have a set up like L form Death Note, so in the case I do die, a new entry will pop up saying : "U IS DEAD" XD

So, regarding the development, some time ago, I decided to make the window of the game wider, now is 50% wider than before, it helps a bit on the visuals, to be honest, the game felt a bit claustrophobic, and you couldn't see much longer ahead of you. And as you may have guessed, I will have to fix some things here and there so everything fits on the new size, but nothing big.


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  1. I never thought you were dead xD well I can't wait to see more updates of new monsters ^u^

  2. thanks for the update from mexico!
    glad you are doing fine ^o^
    keep it up as long as you are enjoying it!

  3. Respuestas
    1. YOU! Good to see you follow the game as well friend ^^ hope we can have some fun chats about it and how it grows. Soon every one will be like. Remember back in the day when there wasn't that enemy or that one time in the early stages you glitched out and it will be hillarious :D anyway, keep up the good work Uriel and thanks again for making a fun, free game for us ^ ^ your the best :D

    2. I do not share my preferred stuff around that much but its awesome to know a close friend is following this aswell! I freaked out when said BUSTED and send me a screenshot though xD!

      Anyway, Uriel! You're the best! and let my try to end this message in your language!

      Que estés bien mi amigo, y saludos de los Países Bajos!


  4. Glad to hear it! Was getting worried about the developments there.

  5. Ahuevo, a ver si nos das un nuevo demo algun dia, pero mientras tanto sigue con el buen trabajo
    ▒▓█▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░. ▓█▓▒

  6. Tried the very early build and wanted to play it again. It looks really awesome so far, except it's too darn hard. Before I could get to a horse boss but now, I can't pass the first wolves. They take 1 dmg and.. well... it's too annoying. Why can't I pick easy mode? -_-'

    1. hold up and spam attack next to anything and it dies

  7. Looking at the progress bars the next update is about 65% complete which is good but doing animations for an intro is tricky.......

  8. I had looked to your dA page once to see if you'd been busy, so I knew you were still alive, but good to have seen there's finally an update on the game. I really hoped it wouldn't get forgotten about or anything, it's exciting to see how it'll look when it's finished. Keep up the good work.

  9. death for everyone and may the pain be with you xD
    just joking, have a nice day guys! :>

  10. That is really made in mexico! nothing goings forward! And I thinking is was a klischee.... I think wrong.

    1. Keep in mind that this is a "One man's" project.. And (No offence) I kinda find your comment a bit rude towards the producer.

  11. jes i was litle bit rude thats was frustation, sorry. the game that's he make is great and thx for the development. But 1 time im month can he say was going on? why not?

    1. Because he is busy, and he does its best. And besides that, This game doesn't have priority at all. its a game he makes in his free time.

  12. k so cant he come like for 5 min and say , im ok , game ok

  13. Respuestas
    1. I can tell you that he's okay, and that the game is still making progress, as far as I know that is.
      And you shouldn't be worried about anything, its all gonna be fine buddy. It just takes way longer for everything to happen and finish because he's practically alone on this. (I am not a real part of anything, I just like answering questions as far as I can. maybe take some lift of others their shoulders.)

      Also, could you please consider clicking on "Responder" below the comment you're responding on? It makes it a lot more organized for the owner of this forum to keep track of everything.. Would be appreciated :)

    2. As cronius said he is busy and the thing is with coding if you've ever tried it then you'll know that it's hard as nails and for him to get this far and not gone and said "I'm done with this see ya" and stop producing the game for years and then come back to it is amazing in it's self. I'm saying this too because if you look around for games like this you'll find some in development and a lot put down as completed yet they have big bugs and such which is because the makers gave up on making them. But don't forget your juggling this with life by yourself which is hard since you still have to get an income from something so you can eat and such unless you got a very good fund of money or kick-starter-ed.

      PS when I talked about coding I meant something like this (very simple version):

      words=input("Please input some words: ")

      But times that by thousands of lines of coding and then he's got animating to do to which is taking loads of pictures very similar to each other, so anyone who gets something as good and clean like this by themselves are amazing to allow others to see so much of it before he releases the full and final version.

      Cut him some slack?