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Report#Poll Time

So, poll time ppl yay...
This time around I would like your opinion on the current sex animations of the game, and before you start typing your favorite or suggestions, stop, I would appreciate if you all could focus more on telling me what animations you think are the weakest, the ones you feel are lazy or can be better (I mean, all can be better, but I'm just an UrielMan, so), rather than the ones you lie the most.

So that's that, leave your opinions below, you'll speak, and I'll listen.

See how I diverted the attention from the update since there's none this time? I'm so smart.

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  1. A couple of comments I have about the wolf animations... namely, the one where the wolf attempts to penetrate her while she's on her back: the animation of her struggling before the penetration is the same as if she's laying on her front, which is weird, and then when she is penetrated, she is back on her back again. XD She needs an animation where she is struggling while on her back.

    Secondly, not the animations themselves, but the sounds... the moans are repeated too often during the faster thrusts, to the point where they occasionally even overlap, and it becomes a loud mess that doesn't sound like a string of moans a person would make. Try to space out the sounds a bit, or the thrusts themselves, maybe make the moans more varied?

    The wolf interactions are my favorite, really. They just need a bit of tweaking. :)

  2. From all of them?

    huh, well here goes the list.

    Wolf front:
    -The normal one, somehow the leg and boobs clips out when animation and climax... Would be good if like she had some ''resisting'' like putting her cross arms trying to push the wolf away
    -Turned animation loved it, seem no change or ''weak''
    -horny animation, somehow feels something missing, but kinda loved the old one better were she ''accepted'' and hugged the wolf (old version)

    Wolf back:
    -Normal: legs again, the clip goes right between the joints
    -Turned: best one, can't seem to dislike it or call it weak (somehow i miss the 'wolf juice' dripping from her)
    -Horny: Can't seem to find anything too.

    -Front normal animation seems the weakest, i know its oral but seems that a bj could have been better
    -But then we have the turned one, this could have been insertion but in other way, perhaps from the front
    -no problem with all the rest of the animation aside from the leg joints

    -All good actually, can't seem to find either weak or with clipping issues.

    Mud man:
    -Guess that same as the slime. I kinda liked the horny grab from the older versions (when he was golem man?)

  3. The Golem/Mud man animations seemed the weakest compared to the other animations. Also, is his junk supposed to shrink inbetween the animations?

  4. Wolf:

    I like all the back ones, but I think I liked the old back horny one, that seems longer and have a foreplay from the wolf with her butt. But aside from that, I love all of them!

    I like Pen a lot, but this won't cloud my judgement. =P
    I like all her back rapes so no one need modification
    But from the front rape, the normal one seems a bit the weaknest, but is a Oral for Mitsuko, something very RARE in this game, since she gives it more than she receive, so I don't want it to change, please, it's simple but sometimes the simplicity is the best and only route. The turned one could get more modifications but I can't say how, because I am bad at ideas. The horny one is perfect, I don't want any change.

    Slime: Hum.... hard to say... the Slime enemy look simple, but I guess the intention was that, to look just like a slime. I guess all the anims are okay.

    Golem: All the poses are fine, specially the horny ones, but all the others I think they just need more polishing, because they seem dated a bit.

    That's all.

  5. honestly can't give much complaints, I haven't played this demo in a while, have a different computer so I won't bother looking at them again until a new demo is released, but I remember loving them all.. from favorite to least I'll say....
    1. Horse
    2. Slime
    3. Wolf
    4. Golem

    The golem being the least favorite was still okay, not lazy or anything, but the attractiveness wasn't something to remember like the others, I barely remember what the animations were. o.o but I probably saw it the least since it was a boss so yeah, idk.

    What I always like the most about the animations is that not only is there several that are wonderful when the lust meter changes.. but what I like a lot is when her tail shapes into a heart lol, it's the cutest sexiest thing ever xD ♥

  6. I like wolf from behind in horny status. That's the best.
    The weakest one for me would be slime.

  7. 1) masturbating animation should be reworked
    2)Slim should be reworked featuring some stomach bulge should too.
    3) that would be cool if you could add a living panties who would replace the vanilla masturbating animation by a "getting fucked by a living panties while standing" one ^^ (yeah I am twisted)

  8. Weakest has got to be the Golem followed by Slime. The golem himself in my mind just looks kind of silly during the animations. So far he is the "biggest" "strongest" thing in the game. i think that the animations could do a better job portraying this. Im not saying go all guro on us but I think the sex needs to be a little more forced a little more painful at first at least. When i think of what sex with a giant rock sex monster should be like im thinking slightly devastating. hahaha.

    As far as the slime im just not that into slime ball sex, every game has them and they dont do anything for me.

  9. The golem is the weakest by far.

    1: The animations themselves aren't great.
    2: He has a tiny penis despite being huge?
    3: He's a boss. If anything, bosses should have better/more intricate animations than normal enemies, since they're more unique.

    I don't know why everyone is hating on Slime, I rather like the slime animations. But if you were going to do anything with them, you might want to make it so that as they progress she gets pulled into the slime, as opposed to now where she starts there. So the basic, not-horny animation would be with her on the ground/above the slime, only inside the slime below her waist, then she would get pulled in when horny increased. Something like that.

  10. There are a few animations where the boobs don't move even though she's being jostled around (Horse back normal, Horse back turned).
    She also seems a bit stiff during the Wolf front normal animation, particularly during the climax.

    Finally, there aren't any enemies that attack the boobs. I know I would seriously enjoy some kind of tit fuck animation ;)

  11. Finish game first then add updates, make people want to play more since it will get more features and maby new maps and monsters, your animation are fine, you can make updates to improve them later, unless you can work fast at it

  12. i agree with emmanuel. but IF you want an opinion, i'd say the golem is the weakest of the animations. she looks like a ragdoll most of the time, and even the aroused state isn't that interesting. and his dick is so....tiny.

  13. And also ur just one Urielman yes true, so be best to finish what u have so when u need a break you can have one and do updates when ur able to, also when you take out the game u will get a bit of money, I know I buying , dieing to se the game, also since u ask, I think the golem, horse, and slime could use some touchings, I'd also like to see that new face hugger ur making, anychance you can post and update of it? Se we can se how it looks like u did with the wolf, and wasp and horse, atleast to se how it is coming up, can wait for the game to come out , it sounds awsome already

    1. I just mentioned the face hugger (aka face fucker) because it was on topic with my playing Alien Isolation, not because I was actually making it, I had planned it since long ago, but it's not in the priority list right now.

  14. Hi, I tend to agree with emmanuel about finishing first and upgrading later, but since you asked for opinions on animations, I am listing what I think needs improvement:
    1) Golem from behind on turned level: Mitsuko's tail moves kinda weird (perhaps make it more smooth?)
    2) Horse from behind on normal level: horses tail is not moving, it looks odd (maybe animate it like a wolf's from behind normal)
    3) Slime from the front turned: Mitsuko's hair is somewhat 'blinking' strangely
    4) Wolf from the front normal: part of Mitsuko's boob is grey, it looks like part of the wolf is overlapping or something

    So that's from me about the animations - just the sound when she is about to climax needs some work, the overlapping moaning is strange. And I relly think the golem needs a bigger instrument (such a big boy and such a small stick :), but otherwise I like golem's animations, Mitsuko looking so helpless adds to the boss feeling.
    Best of luck

  15. 1) Possibility of multiple enemies attacking while you're in animation, and that changing it? I.E. One wolf jumps you, and while he's on you, another joins, changing the animation to a threesome, four way, gang bang, etc.
    2) Wolf Knotting
    3) X-ray cumshots
    4) Bigger bulges from big boys
    5) More enemies and variety would be great.
    6) Personally I'd go with the finishing the game first, then adding smaller updates as you complete them. Keeps the suspense while placating the masses!

    1. I've said in the past I won't do multirape on enemies, you have to settle with the pathetic 6 animations per enemy, sorry.
      And, how can I finish the game first and then add content to it? You can't add things to a completed thing, can you? Now, I may seeing this from the wrong angle, but that is exactly what I'm trying to do "finish" what I have so far, so adding the rest would be easy because I will have template for all kinds of content.
      Maybe most ppl are comfortable with getting a half done thing and then getting updates (aka DLC) but I absolutely hate them, I think it's just milking the customers and just plain out laziness to make a game, so either I release this full, or not at all.
      Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, not picking on you, but you were the last one to mention this.
      On a brighter note, remember that little animation of chibi-Mitusko I showed a while ago? Well, I've been still fooling around with that and I did made a bulgde animation on that, and it doesn't look as bad as I though, so I might end adding that.

    2. No. Stop that shibi bullshit. First one animation then before you notice the whole game is filled with shibi scenes ending with a totally unfapable mess.

      Also Golem Man animation was disappointing.

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    4. (typo ^) @Yaffar; You're probably not going to like this, but in any proverbial soup, talent and skill is best expanded through exploration, and science.

    5. I like these suggestions. To expand on wolf knotting, I think adding repeated cumming sounds and animations (pulsating testicles, squirting) would go a long way.

  16. The other day i found a wolf animation (i no know if was a old project or fan project) but mitsuko doing a blowjob to the wolf. I see it and is a good idea, what you think? (Sorry my bad english)

    1. It's an old version, when I first made the wolf, but I didn't like the pose, it didn't seem to natural so I ended up replacing it.

  17. Oh ok bud well face hugger was a nice idea lol, thanks for Leting me know about it,keap up the good work urielmanx7

  18. haz un enemigo que sea un bicho o algo asi :3

  19. So your added a little somthing with chibi misuko cool, never seen that before is it gana be in game or extras?id like to se!