lunes, 2 de marzo de 2015

Report#Images worth a thousand words

With the crisis averted (for now, still not letting my guard down), it's time to get back on business.
Not much to report if I were to put it into words, so I thought I would be best to let the image speak for me.

This is part of Mitsuko's ship interior (I might rework it a bit to match the scale; or maybe just make her ship larger, and it will be used for the intro sequence (remember that CG I had started? yeah...ended up scraping that, but thanks to that I now know what exactly I want and how to use it). The ship's interior will be used also on the main game, right now, when you enter it and don't have all 17 items, it's just a save room, but I plan to let the ship accessible since the beginning of the game, not much will be interactive, it will be just for immersion purposes, if immersion is even a concept applicable to H games anyway.

Aside from that, not much more to say, other than I'll try to get my lazy ass to work so I finish this this month; we'll see.


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  1. I had to reread the last part of your post just to check for any hints of trolling but now I'm smilling like a badass while the hype build up begins for next month sorta.

  2. Holy shit I found in the bathroom at church, this month? That would be nice, I can't wait to se all the updates put all together, that's the good part of not updating the demo as much becuase when u get the real game boom! Everything is 40 times better, I wish u luck urielmanx7

  3. W8 did he just said he maybe release an update maybe this month ? after almost 2 years ?????! but i think its worth waiting though

  4. Chill guys, he's probably talking about finishing intro or implementing the ship into the game. You know, it's Uriel we're talking about (no hard feelings, love your work) :D

  5. I've been meaning to ask, I keep forgetting... Will we be able to zoom in at any point?
    (Using this example because you have been on the LoK forums and may have checked it out.. But, maybe not. Regardless!)
    In Ivan-Aedler's "Peach's Untold Tale", you can click on the character to zoom in at any time. Or press a hotkey.

    Anyways, just curious! Absolutely love the game and cannot wait for another beta or release!!!

    1. nooooo!! dont give him MORE to do before he releases an update! :(((