martes, 4 de diciembre de 2018

Things to look forward in the next update

  • -Fixed the terminal to the left of the elevator.
  • -Updated the status menu to show how many extra clothes you have, so now you can check for all 17 items.
  • -Getting 17/17 items is no longer necessary to unlock difficulties.
  • -Getting 17/17 is required to unlock the gallery (remember that only grants access to it, you still have to get the animations from the gallery chips or getting raped a lot). You still need to beat the game on all 3 modes tho, I'll correct that, but I'll need to change save variables so it might render older saves null (again).
  • -Updated Mitsuko's portrait on the tutorial option in the title screen.
  • -Added Mitsuko's updated portrait next to the sex dialogues window during sex animations.
  • -More tweaks to the golem so he won't go out of bounds and to improve it's "ai".
  • -Very small modification to the golem stage to try to spice the gameplay just a little bit, more will come.

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