miércoles, 2 de enero de 2019

On the current bugs

Regarding the bug when everything goes apeshit on the menus; today I was able to reproduce it thanks to a dedicated user who also was lucky to get the steps to trigger it. So far it looks like it's limited to new game+, since I never ever play test that mode, and I haven't encountered that bug prior to today. So now to debug I guess, only... The idea to get into it and try to fix it made me think if it was even worth it, since like, the game demo is so short, I'm really questioning if the mode should be in to begin with. Now, don't get me wrong, I still intend to have that in the complete thing, I still think is a cool mode to have, I just don't think is even worth now with the experience being so short, AND to unlock the rest of the shit you don't even need to play it.

So... I think I'll leave it to you guys, since if you ask me, the only value for the mode right now is for the "fun" factor, but since I'm the last person that will describe this shit as fun, I'm not qualified to talk on the matter, so, it's-s-a-poll time!


And finally, stream this Saturday. Debugging session continues, bring your bugs and we'll see if we can reproduce them live and then fix them.

UrielmanX7.exe logging out.

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  1. Hey! When I try to play I can't even get past the menus :/ none of the buttons I press on my keyboard do anything! I've literally pressed every button on my keyboard lolol is this a bug or am I missing something?