sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

Some Bad an Good News...

Hey everyone, its been a while since i shown any signs of life, the reason, im working in another project right now, a megaman x engine inspired by JBK's MegaManX Coruupted, you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jkbproductions.
To be honest its an awesome game, i was impressed mostly because its made in flash 8, so still with my dudes, i attempted to do something similar, and this is the result:
So, for the past month i have been working entirely on this, nearly not touching mitsuko at all, so the bad news is that while im still interedted in finish this MegaMan engine, i wont be working on Mitsuko X, that doesnt mean im dropping the project, merely that im taking a vacation of sorts from it, but in the end all will win because everything i learn while working on the megaman project will improve mitsuko x, so in the meantime i would like to ask you to continue your support by testing my game and help me finish it. I'll be posting updates of it here, under the other games section, so drop there anytime.

4 comentarios:

  1. bueno tan si quiera le siges teniendo interes al proyecto

  2. Well I'm sorry to hear that you're not working on Mitsuko X actively anymore, but I know a great many of us will be waiting in the wings to see her game improve.

    Meanwhile... *pew pew pews with Rock Man*

  3. Awww...that made me sad. I was looking forward to seeing how this worked out (and secretly checking to see which between this and another game I'm watching development on finished first x3).

    I'll still be dropping in to look at things and help how I can!

  4. >MegaManX Corrupted
    G-GLORIOUS!!!! I must play that now.

    Will later check RocKmanXU1