lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011


Started to work on the new golem (presumably made of clay) rape animations.

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  1. Might say that it's now a bit ''Easier'' since you can probably take the rape animations from the ''Old'' GOLEM-MAN and use it on this new Boss

  2. I think I like the idea of 'Clay' honestly. More freedom of stuff to use and the like animation wise.

    Always wondered if you had planned for maybe status like effects as well, like say if covered in cum slower movement or something. Getting hit with a clay blob kinda making you immobile and the like.

    Regardless good progress abound!

  3. I approve of this! Keep up the good work. Don't feel rushed and let your work flow freely.

  4. I recently discovered this blog and the game. It's awesome!

    It remembered me of Rockman X4, which is one of my favorites Rockman games of the X saga (2 and 7 being my favorites of the classic one, and then there's Rockman Dash -Damn 3DS, i'm going to have to buy one-, the Rockman Zero saga and the ZX).

    About Mitsuko X's features, i'm greatly impressed by how fun it is (I love the dashing and double-jumping mechanics) and there're special weapons and armors/clothes, they add depth and variety.
    I wasn't even into animal-like characters before playing this game but i've found Mitsuko very sexy. And her red hair and cute face, man, they're beautiful (Obviously you must have spent many days creating and choosing her design, because it shows).
    The gloves and her clothes so far are very hot too (The skin-tight suit and her second bikini...).

    I wish the game was harder thought. But of course it's still in progress and there're lots of potential.

    Thanks for your great work, please keep going.