domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Golem AI

I have been working on the AI that the golem should have, but since he will be the first one, i guess its ok to make him a fairly easy one, so his AI will consist of 3 attacks, which hell spawn in sequence, the first one will be a 3 clay shot from his dick, the second, hell punch the ground and then, his hand will appear beneath you to nail you to the ground and then move in for the rape, and the last one, hell melt down and then go to the opposite side of the room, trying to ram you.
I have to say it was fun making those attacks, well that's all for today.

4 comentarios:

  1. Sounds incredibly cool, you have yourself another fan here! Keep up the good work, it's very much appreciated

  2. See? I do like hearing about such things! And thsoe attack ideas I think really sound like to make good use of the 'clay' features he's got. So I figure thought that the clay shots shall just deal damage then and nothing else? Still wondering if you gave that 'status' idea on top of say the 'tuned/horny' by chance or not.

  3. i didnt understand that last line dude.
    The shots will only decrease your armor, when you get naked he wont do that attack, instead he will concentrate in grabbing you.

  4. Sounds pretty cool, but to make the enemies even harder i'd suggest
    1) Making progressively harder to escape the enemy 'grab' attacks (So far they're extremely easy to escape, and if you start mashing the buttons fast you don't even receive damage).
    2) Adding more enemies, and giving them the ability to gangrape Mitsuko.
    3) Making the 'recovery' action progressively longer so the more damage Mitsuko has received the harder it becomes to make her recover.
    4) Giving the enemies special attacks (ie. Distance attacks which harm or make Mitsuko slower or trap her in her feet or give her some kind of negative status effect) and special attacks to use when she's slowed down or trapped.
    5) Making flying enemies that chase her in a non-linear pattern of movement so they cannot simply be avoided by jumping over them.
    6) Giving all enemies attacks that can hurt her even if she's crouching (the first boss lacked that)
    And then give Mitsuko a crouching normal attack, so crouching becomes useful and makes alternating standing and crouching attacks more fun).

    Those are some ideas i'd suggest. I might add some more.
    Of course, i don't expect any of them to be used since it's not my game, but i hope they may be of help.