martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Data Result.. Virus Busting level...

Ok, i got rid of almost every bug you posted, now its time to test.

Bugs Busted:

Blue door of death
Ladder dancing
Edge Grab (i hope)
Elevator Pause

The wolf has sound on all animations

Get Data *presses A*
Mitsuko.Exe (yay!)

PD:For all people out there that doesnt understand all this shit, its all a rockman.exe parody...

Connection Lost... 

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  1. The ducking melee attack is useless, make it so the delay comes after the hit box frame, not before.

  2. Nice, finally is beatable from scratch and not annoying random/luck based. But there's still little thing with saves (second display empty and replaces actual save status in third slot. You could also post font file for install to display all texts in game correctly. Earlier versions had this. I searched few versions of JOYSTIX, but none of them seems to work good.

  3. In the pause menu, under Weapons, Bare Hand has no image.

    None of the melee weapons except for Bare Hands had an image in the bottom left until I changed areas(didn't affect combat, as they were equipped and it showed the weapons in my hand when I attacked), but when I went into the menu to look at weapons, it showed the Electric gun was my main weapon. This fixed itself after exiting and re-entering the menu, but I had no image for melee weapons in the bottom left again.
    EDIT: It seems if you equip a weapon after equipping Bare Hands, this is what causes it.

    The Wolves can drop the Main Suit you start with, but you can't pick it up at all.

    The second underwear you start with has no info.

    The top of her legs overlap the back part of any panties you're wearing while running and standing still.

    Her starting underwear (undies) has no straps on the bra while she's standing still or running, but there's a strap on her back when she turns her back to us.

    Yeah, I get that this may be a silly list of things that the author most likely knows about to some, but with most if not all of the game-breaking bugs out of the way, it's time to look at some of the small things.

  4. ALSO: Just found out, you can keep going back and grabbing the Life Up item as many times as you want. You just have to exit and re-enter the area, and the item comes back. Dunno if this is intentional or not.

  5. Bugs:
    Still getting the "nude" sign when I reequip clothes after stripping, and still managed to grab a "ledge" on top of a door after jumping towards it and attacking in mid-air. No freeze resulted, however, so it's a minor glitch.

    Other than that, everything's A-OK. When might we expect introducing further levels or enemies? I'd very much like to see the slime from one of the prior versions.


    Looks like everything is steadily progressing.

    When one is doing something that requires time and effort, whatever that is (ie. Studying for some difficult uni exams, learning martial arts, writting an essay, etc), the best advice i can give is to keep working with CONSTANCY.
    That is to say, not necessarily working a lot on something every day, but ALWAYS work at least a bit on it.
    So in the end the effort one needs to make gets distributed in small parts, and it never becomes a heavy burden to work on something.

    And if you feel unmotivated because you don't have time deadlines and it's easy for you to procrastinate by thinking "Ah i'll skip this, i'll do it TOMORROW, afterall i got a lot of time", you can self-impose deadlines yourself.
    I do it regularly, otherwise my life would be a hell of a mess.

    Of course, the amount of time for each deadline depends on the importance one atributes to the goal one is trying to accomplish.
    And obviously if i were making a hentai game i wouldn't prioritize it over more important things like study or work, etc. So i don't expect you or any people putting effort on something that is a hobby to push themselves too much. But anyway, deadlines, even if they're loose, work wonders for self-motivation.

    Better yet if the goal in the deadline is separated into small bits, so the perception of the task to to never becomes too heavy, which prevents the so dreaded procrastination.

    Wish i knew how to animate using flash. I can't draw even if my life depended on it. So i cannot help with that. But if i find more bugs i'll post them.

    Thanks for your great work.

  7. Captain Obvious walloftext incoming:

    And regarding the amount of feedback some blogs about hentai game projects or hentai mangas translations receive: It's all about consistently posting update reports and letting people know about the thing you're doing.

    For example, Konashion's SuperDeepThroat ( gets the feedback it gets because its DEMO gets consistenly updated on a monthly basis and the fans advertise the game regularly on places like 4chan and other free forum places with lots of people. But that's a special case because SDT is specifically designed to mainly work with user-generated content.

    Better examples would be:
    Slavemaker 3 (The TF2 of hentai games)
    MickmanX's games (Nightmare Sphere 2 demo coming soon)
    Fairy Fighting
    Koonsoft's games
    Violated Heroine
    UnHolY SaNctuaRy
    Nanocrisis (before it was canned. However there is another game in the works by the author)

    Maybe Crimson Skies and Mitsuko X will form part of that list somewhere in time.
    But ultimately, it all depends on how much feedback does the author want to see.
    A certain amount of feedback can be motivating for some people, but for others it creates too much self-impossed pressure, so it ends being counter-productive for everyone.

    For me, i'm 100% okay with the game being completed even if it takes many years.
    What i fear is when something like Nanocrisis happens, when the author procrastinated so much that too much time passed and eventually came to the conclusion that his ideas would be better on a new game with another engine, and thus Nanocrisis got scrapped :(

  8. So i applaud your politic of "One step at a time", because not only allowed us, the people following the game project, to keep up our expectatives, but also let us knew exactly WHAT was being progressively created. Which is much better than other blogsites where the incoming updates stated are vague and therefore followers can't really keep their hype because the updated could be anything.

    The Golem was a total hit, and better yet its announcement was followed shortly after by the inclusion of a picture of Dat Delicious Mitsuko getting some from it. Hopefully we'll see more anticipated stuff like that.