martes, 28 de agosto de 2012

New Demo and a hard decision

Well, new demo out, with all game breaking bugs busted, or at least that's what my testing showed, the only one that maybe is still around is the one the freezes you if you get hit while getting up, it didn't happen to me, but one never knows. On another news, I finally squashed the inst-spawn bug, it was VERY well hidden let me tell you, I think I could have found the holy grail before getting that one, anyway, besides that some changes were made:

EDIT: I forgot to say that if you get the message for the deleted files, you MUST MAKE A NEW GAME AND SAVE, otherwise the message will continue to pop up.

  • Nerferd a little the drop rate for chips, should be easier to get them now
  • The "super horse" is now kill able, if you use the points the Golem gives you wisely you have no trouble taking him now, which in turn is now a must, because the door guarding the last card key only opens when you defeat him.
  • As said before, the flying to oblivion bug is gone.
  • Upgraded a little the staff roll (not that anyone had seen it as how broken the last demo was :P) BTW you can only watch the credits by meeting a certain condition, having all 15 items.
  • Added a little safety device to prevent further corrupt files, so if you see a window telling you that the files were deleted don't panic.
  • I also added device to prevent cheaters from seeing things they shouldn't, well, at least while in game, if you decompile it I can do nothing to stop you, though I don't think you can decompile a flash .exe? *shrugs*
  • Also, there shouldn't be any spawning problems with the enemies (a plus to have getting rid of the insta spawn bug)
Now, about the though decision, I have been reading your comments regarding the upgrade system, and all do make good points, and I feel that a classic RPG system won't fit into the game's nature, BUT also I can't quite do it like finite upgrades because I don't know exactly how long the game will be yet, I know what I have planned but that's different than actually doing all the stages missing and such, the way it is now also presents some problems, like if the drop rate is too good, you will be actually missing other items such as the guns ammo...
In the end, it all comes down to finding the correct balance, I guess it might being a fusion of 2 or 3 styles, it's gonna be a though decision.

Aside from that, I also noted that the whole random damage is a little off , so I'll be working on that next, along with the next area that will be the forest.

Anyhow that's all for now, link is at the right as always.


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  1. I'll try the new version as soon as I can, thanks for the update :)

    Two questions: Regarding the "RPG-style" experience system, it may not fit the overall style but how about sorting the enemies into different levels so you cannot infinitely train your level like in WoW. The basic wolf will at some point don't grant you any more exp and you have to move to tougher enemies.

    The other question is you said you'll work at the forest level next. But we'll never be able to play-test that, won't we? Have you decided on a business model yet?

    Baa! ^^

    1. Oh yeah, that happens in CSotN too, haven't though of that.
      Well the idea is to create a solid base within the demo, so the next areas/content will be easier to test, if you noticed the bugs right now are still located on the basic gimmicks, like saving/loading, so I need first to get this right and hopefully that'll will help the rest of the development :P

  2. As some problems are solved, others pop out

    Firstly, occasionally, whenever you're hit while down (but with clothes still on.) you'll be further knocked back and unable to do anything, can't escape, just forever suspended on the ground. This happened twice to me

    Secondly, every other time I start the .exe none of the keyboard controls will work, i.e. I can navigate the menu, but I can't select anything to start the game or load, and this always seems to delete all my save files.

    Nonetheless! I'm glad the drop rate for those chips were increased, I actually got to see one in this release! Keep up the good work, man.

    1. Did it kept happening? or you were able to play and save / load normally at some point?

    2. This has been consistent so far, however it ought to be noted that the being-hit-while-down suspending has always lead to the main menu being unresponsive to the normal key inputs.

  3. I found a new Bug:
    I was visiting the horse and found out that I'm still way too weak against it... so I went back and this happened:
    The Horse was just there!
    It is stuck in the ground so it can't move...
    As I approached it, it attacked me and knocked me to the ground... then after filling the escapebar the game froze (only attack animation of horse)

    1. Lol That's an...unexpected turn of events, thanks I'll see if I can got it to happen