sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

Status Report

Well, I don't know what I did, but my game broke too, and the stats broke every time I load a file :/
The bad news, is that the damn thing was working before, and as I have no clue as to what I did to it to broke I don't know how much time it'll take me to fix it.

So, to sort things out, here's a list of the bugs that I have seen reported found so far (Note that not all of these I was able to confirm):

  • If you fill the escape bar before you hit the ground when starting a new game you froze. This one is FIXED
  • If you die with clothes on you fly for eternity. This one's FIXED too. 
  • After loading, you can't damage/get damaged. Working on this, also it's been confirmed
  • Someone mentioned that he was grabbed when he still had clothes. This is UNCONFIRMED as the code itself prevents grabbing unless you're naked, I'm guessing the game was so broken that it made that happen, maybe caused by a not updated flash player, or pc's specific specs I dunno :/
  • The insta-respawn. CONFIRMED and well, I have been trying to get rid of it for years so I can't guarantee it will be busted, sorry 'bout that -_-'
  • Enemies don't spawn sometimes. CONFIRMED and as the above I've been trying to fix it too but to no avail, I'm having incredibly trouble with flash attachMovieClip function, and I can't get it to work as I want all the time, sometimes it does, and when you think it's done, BAYUMM! the enemies don't respawn, I have looked lots of tutorials but I'm doing what's right (well, at least code-wise) so I don't know if I could fix this. In the worst case scenario I'll have to get rid of it and make the enemies to respawn only when you go out of the whole area and re enter. Like in metriodvania's rooms.
  • I saw also someone that posted that sometimes he couldn't watch the life and arousal bars when raped. This is UNCONFIRMED and mostly unfixable because I'm 90% sure that this dude was playing in fullscreen or that he resized the window, the game doesn't support widow resizing due to the Vcam, if someone knows a way to fix this be my guest and let me know :P
  • Someone mentioned that the window that reads "Press Enter to Reboot" appeared on the corner instead of the center. UNCONFIRMED but in the very least I can just get rid of it, you will have to press a button for the game to reset, just without a message telling you to do so :P
  • If you get grabbed by two wolfs (I'm guessing it happens with all enemies) you split in two and take double damage. UNCONFIRMED I tried but it's quite difficult to reproduce, but I think I can fix it, but the person that posted it says otherwise :P
  • Someone said that when trying to escape the horse grab he was teleported to an area with blue tiles, well, this isn't a bug, really, what happened here is that the dude accidentally pressed Crtl+Enter which is the shortcut for play, remember that this is, after all a Flash movie, as far as I know, there's no way to block these commands, so you'll have to play legally.
Well those are all the bug for now, in the meantime I'll post a poll for the best way to get upgrades in the game, I'll put in another post so everyone's (or at least as much as can) see it, cause I doubt anyone will be reading this far :P.


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  1. so you will post an updated demo when the bugs are fixed? (or most of them)?

    1. Yes, I think I get the file corrupt one down but I need to test it very throughly before updating.

  2. I like the instant respawns. It makes you think about where the fight is going if you want to progress.

  3. I would like to mention the TOP most one isn't fixed for me. After I load a game, all my stats become undefined and all attacks become 0. When being raped, you can't escape due to the bar being froze, and the health never goes down so you are raped forever (if you had no armor) or you'll just stay knocked down (if you had armor)

    Also, if you are attacked while having no health but armor, you will be knocked down. You can still keep getting hit until you have no more armor, and once the armor is gone- you start
    to float endlessly, and 'no-clip' through walls.

    Also, if you are knocked down- and WHILE STILL IN AIR (or if you're on the ground being knocked back again) and you fill the escape bar before you touch the ground, the bar will stay full and freeze, causing you to be unable to escape.

    Thats all the bugs I could find.

    The reboot button DOES stay on the top corner of the screen if you die.

    Windowed and Fullscreen did NOT change the results of anything.

    I currently use Flash 11, and replicated these results on IE9 and Chrome (Just in-case it was just a browser issue, but its not)

    I.. don't really like the 'insta-spawn' idea at all, there should really be a few second delay. But thats just my opinion

    anyways, otherwise keep the progress up <3

    1. Of course is not fixed for you silly! Do you really think I would upload a new version with only those 2 bugs squashed while the most breaking one (the status one) is still active!? :P

  4. Yeah, it would be pretty unprofessional to only fix part of the bugs.