sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

Poll Time

Ok so I put up a poll to help me decide which way is better to implement the upgrades system in the game, here's a description in detail of each choice:
  1. Droppings. The way it's made now, I just need to nerf the probability % of the droppings.
  2. Finite upgrades. Meaning that the upgrades will cost just 1 chip, but the chips will be hidden throughout the game, but they ill also be finite, so you can only get to a certain level, kinda like in Fire Emblem, when the chars stats have a top, well there's always a top, but in this case it will be quite low because I can only put so many chips in the game.
  3. Regular Rpg style exp system. I think this doesn't need explanation, you level up, you get points to buy upgrades. 
  4. Shop-like upgrade system. The enemies will drop chips more often, but the upgrades will raise their cost more due to the easiness of obtaining chips, in other words farming overdrive.

Well, those are the options, see what you like and choose, and don't come back later complaining about it! :P


6 comentarios:

  1. I personally think you should have all items be placed in specific places as it would help you tailor the game to the exact pace you want.

    Making a good well-paced game is hard without much experience. Doing something like this is easy to test and refine so that you craft a very well-paced and enjoyable experience for players.

    You could, if you like, also have non-unique upgrades be obtained through experience. Such as adding a point to some stat. I do think you'll have the most luck with unique items being purposely placed though.

  2. It's important that a player can SKIP leveling if they choose. Make it drops, exp system, whatever as long as I can stay lvl 1 (for the challenge!)

  3. Can we have a mix between 3 and 4?

  4. Personally I think that a item collecting scenario better fits a game such as this. Experience can cause a bit of depreciation in the players ability to advance unless they grind for said experience, granted some players would simply like the challenge, but again item collecting can help there as well since a player can choose not to take an item. As well experience can also make the game too easy if say a player simply grinds for long lengths at a time just to breeze through the game. If the game has limited enemies then experience works better, but also makes it more challenging for players who want to just play and not end up stuck at the same place for long periods of time. Item collecting also has the pro of being able to pace the game to your preference and make it possible to find items through unsuspected means which allows a challenge of its own while not limiting a player to a certain area until they have enough to proceed further while also getting players to explore more which makes it possible to add various easter eggs which could in turn improve the game even more. Buying the stuff is a bad idea as well in my opinon because it's practically the same as grinding for experience and if enemies are limited then it's just made that much more frustrating. A game like this should just be enjoyable from the start and engaging due to it's slightly more fast paced portrayal. The only real use of money, or experience, I see could be the use of either money to upgrade items or experience to boost item stats, maybe even a mix of both.
    Perhaps you could have it so that you collect an item and give it only a certain amount of effectiveness and then give the player the ability to enhance them. Say collect an item that is an ability and make it possible to spend experience on it to make it better allowing the player choices in advancement while pacing things as well without burdening players with the need to grind in order to proceed further into the game. After that you could make weapons and other such items that are not abilities be buy-able through a currency and upgrade-able by spending more for the upgrades. It's fast paced, simple, and sort of gives a little into each players interests allowing for unique play each time.

  5. I suggest an Exp system which asks you if you want to level up, then player who likes to grind can do so and player who likes the chalange can also stay on level 1.
    I just don't like the system you put in currently with the chips... 1st it all depends on luck and 2nd it isn't actually realistic... You don't get more muscles by picking up any stuff. You get them with training and that's what grinding represents ( in my opinnion)