lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

Report # Hinder by myself?

Not too much to report this time, other than I'm having a bit of trouble settling down on the intro back story or lack of. What I mean is that when I started working on it, and I actually put something on the screen, I thought "Mmm, this would look silly if I don't justify it somehow" then I proceed to add, or rather to think on how to justify that, and then I think the same again, so I'm having trouble finding the stop point, so as to not hinder the progress more than it is, but also have an intro story that is believable, I know this is a hentai game and as such, it doesn't need a super complicated or epic story, but I also want it to not have a bunch of enormous glaring plot holes or things that contradict each other, or make little to no sense.

Anyways, back to the drawing board.


5 comentarios:

  1. I actually like some story on hentai games, specially on platformers/beat'em up, because that actually adds a lot more fun, knowing what you are actually helping on doing, so, if you need help with the story, i can try and get you some ideas

  2. Well, if you need help with your story... I can help you, considering I am a writer after all.

  3. You can do it man! I get excited everytime I see you update

  4. I have over a decade of enjoyed experiance writing, both single author novels and comics as well as multi author role plays. If you want, we could have a discussion and try to address what the problems are. Wether it's plot device, a motivating factor, enviromental reasoning, or something like personality traits involving Mitsuko, we could focus and targeted find the causes of the effect (of things needing justification) Focus those, and the other lose ends would soften themselves out and could be given to suspension of disbelief.

  5. I would Really love story in my Platformers. It helps me know where dafuq im going 90% of the time and it doesnt even need to be like a 9 years long stories and battles between nations with expensive character development Etc... It just needs to be something simple like... "you were flying , your ship got hit and you landed on this planet , figure out X and Y and solve this problem." you know , keep it simple , keep it snazy