martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Report # Oops! I did it again...

Well, as long as the updates keep coming, right guys?

Anyways, the thing about the xml was successful, now I can load text into the game externally, I think I'll move all the text in the game like menus and the like to an xml file, that way if I decide to make a translated version of the game it will be much easier since I'll have all the text in one place. Also, I don't know if I already mentioned this before or what, but I got a strong dejavú sense when I saw this, and that's that I learned (again?) that you can embed fonts into the flash, this is most important, because it will ensure that however I put the text in the game, you'll see exactly the same.
Also during the week I talked a bit with the guy that's making the game MMXC ( and I was asking him how did he implemented some things, because his game is made on flash, it's 10 times bigger than mine and runs 10 times smoother, and he told me about this tecnique called "blitting" which is basically use on bit map object, and keep re drawing it pixel by pixel, so for example, for a running cicle, instead of having a movieclip in flash in which every frame is a different image, }I would just create a bitmap object via code, and then load externally each image of the animation and drawing it into the bitmap object, so, performance-wise,
I would be using just one object, no matter how many frames of animation a char has. And though this is pretty neat and all, I can't really change this far into development, it would take forever to convert all frames to images and then using the method, what I will do however, is try to apply this to the backgrounds, because it has always bothered me that they don't scroll smoothly, at the beginning of the development, I thought it couldn't be helped because of my pc (which was crap at the time), but now with an i7, a GTX660 and 16GbRam, they still don't move smoothly, even at 60fps, so I'm guessing it's because I'm implementing them so unpractical resources-wise, so hopefully using blitting I'll finally get rid of that, and if it works, I might even do parallax backgrounds, which I have always wanted to do.

Well, that's all for now folks.


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  1. Well, I didn't understand even half of this, but there was something about better performance so it sounds cool :)

  2. There are lots of performance enhancing techniques available, though I don't know what/where/how they work, that example is a great way of a performance game that's really big but runs smoothly.

    Maybe next game we can see how well you put this, "Blitting," to use.

  3. well i have to say this site got a lot more lively with updates since like a few months ago where there were only aprox. 1 update/month , i appreciate that and will keep comming back every so often to check it out and maybe one day we'll experience the full mitsuko X experience, untill then , guys , im out

  4. Thank you for these frequent updates, they're terrific. I'm really looking forward to the next Beta!
    Your work is amazing and I'm a huge fan.