lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Report # Motivation

Well, sorry for using the lazy card again, but these past weeks, I've found myself having less and less motivation to work on the game, and no, before anyone starts yelling "no! don't quit again!" I don't mean I don't want to finish the game, I just mean that I'm not feeling like working on it. I'm guessing the reason is that I have too much free time, yes, that is also a reason to not get work done, let me explain, a couple years ago, when I was going to work on a daily basis (6:00am-4:30pm), my free time were a mere 5 hrs or so per day, since I got home at 5:00pm, and it wasn't advisable to go to sleep too much past 10:00pm since the next day I had to wake up early, so what this did, believe it or not, was give me the push to work in the game since I had so little spare time and none to waste, and I made more progress in a week like that, than a week now, this "being your own boss" thing is killing me man! XD 

So, yeah, just to give you a heads up, I know the past updates have been about the intro story, but that's more mental work than anything, I have a draft in a note block, but in terms of actually opening the game project and do something, nope, none of that has been done lately. I have been in this kind of spot before in other things, but I really don't have like a plan to get out of this, I don't know, maybe a need a vacation? What do you guys do when you suddenly don't feel like doing what you like?


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  1. I like to call it the "Crop rotation theory." You plant seeds in fertile ground, and watch your plants grow. After a while, the nutrients in the soil gets used up, so you try a different area to plant your seeds to let the nutrients build back up.

    The metaphor means that your motivation is used up for Spacescape, like nutrients in a plot of land. You can rotate your ideas and passion in a different way, and work on something else until you are ready to work on it again. It could be anything, even if you don't publish it.

    1. likewise, being a programmer myself I can't focus too long on the same project, and its a good idea to vary a little between them, even though the other might be less important or not at all. Also, get outside, start jogging to clear your mind off of the game for a bit, but do take a notepad with you! you can suddenly come up the most genius ideas for your game while being outside in the open~

      Best regards,
      Emblem Cronius,
      formerly known as Errorcodebin~

  2. aw ): well everyone needs a break once in a while, and I know how it's like to be making a game, it's really hard to get time and motivation to make it... if I wasn't lazy, I'd have 2 games done by now that I had in progress, but instead I decided to play a ton of 3ds/pc games and youtube xD; I wish I could get those games done.. it'd be great, and I know you'd feel the same with this game but yeah.. lol.

  3. Ah fuck it, I had a neat little post but having to log in lost it.
    Just open up a new project thing, nothing big, and play around, try to do new stuff that you aren't going to use in Spacescape. Taking your mind away from it for a bit might help you come back to it with renewed motivation.
    It did sort-of work for me... Somewhat... Your mileage may vary.

  4. I have the exact same problem. Literally, at my job I run into this daily.

    What I do is say I will have something done by x time, even if it's a week later but I have someone I hold myself accountable to come over and look over the quality of that work. It forces a deadline and causes that feeling of less time to work on it. That's all I've gotten to work

  5. Impose a dead line upon yourself, and create consequences. Make a to do list and schedule, and then come up with self imposed punishments or penalties for failing to meet these dead lines. Ultimately it's still up to you to enforce these measures, but it's been something I've done myself. I have even had friend's of mine set up these guidlines and had them give me friendly kicks in the ribs with the carrot and stick method to keep me going.

    Incentives as well for meeting your work quota, such as "If I can get x amount of work done by y date, I'll get an extra z at the market"

  6. You could:
    Shut yourself away and focus entirely on the project for an hour or longer
    Screw around with the game/game making thing to get more familiar or find something you want to do with it
    Find something new to do, probably computer related or gaming or artsy
    Play games similar to it, like porn games or platform/fighting games
    Just in general stuff to find inspiration or clear your head.

    Good luck!

    1. Shutting yourself off to only focus on the game isn't the best idea, since forcing idea's out (mostly) doesn't work and its way less relaxed. Its better to just clear your mind for a bit, focus on something else than the game. Maybe you shouldn't focus on a game or the computer at all~