domingo, 25 de octubre de 2015

The stream approaches!


Ok, ready to do an actual real test. Gonna stream at 10:00pm UTC-6. For about an hour, we’ll see what happens.

Go here to find out the time in your zone:

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  1. hello uriel , I admire his work , much like your game. I am awaiting new updates and if you put the sale I will buy

    1. He's working on it still, slowly and carefully but he's said it will go on sale when ready and we only get one more demo before then I think. I still can't wait for it to be ready though patience is needed.

      Anyway I'll try and watch your stream UrielManx7!

    2. That's right we are waiting =)

  2. 2 more glorious hours for the win!

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  4. dang missed it

    what did uriel worked on? wolf animations, intro or cgs?