jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

So, poll's over, now what, smarty pants?

Well, since this was the only place I actually got feedback (I was totally ignored in tumblr and DA save for 2 ppl T-T), I'm going with what ppl have spoken here, even though this was totally the wrong place to ask, I still want to keep my "artistic" stuff somewhat separated from the game.
Anyways, half the ppl said go for it, half of that is indifferent and half of that said no (man, Zipf's law demonstrated again...scary 0.0), so I'm going for it, and why? you are probably wondering, am I still talking about my other stuff here on the blog of the other stuff, well, I'll take this chance to kinda answer the common thread on the comments of the last post, by saying that the very first thing I'll stream, will be me working on the wolf animation I said I'll be doing like 400 years ago. I think the fact of having you guys watching over my shoulder will be a great incentive to get my lazy ass to work, because you gotta admit, I suck at being my own boss. So, yeah, that will be good I think, though I still need to do some testing to ensure everything is working nice and smooth, in the meantime, you can post what time and day would you like I stream, I'll go with whatever the most ppl say, as for me, I have no problem, any time is good.

I still will use picarto mainly for my "art" stuff, but will mix it up with things related to the game, as long as they are drawing related, like animating or doing the cg's, I wouldn't make an stream of me debugging the game, staring at the monitor and banging my head to the desk for not being able to fix it...

So, that's all for now.


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  1. I vote for Saturday since I always have tons of homework due on Sundays.

  2. Any day is fine to me, likely through the evenings in particular.

  3. Well, there is a lot of timezones, so getting a time that fits everyone would be hard

  4. I'm having a bug where when I activate the game I cannot progress beyond the menu. I think this is because to the left it says which button to press to select any of the menu options, but the space is blank. Every button I press doesn't let me select an option in the menu. I use WinZip to open all of the data. Any ideas?

  5. How do I delete old save files? I have deleted any trace of the game but still there are no [A] or [B] buttons anymore the only one that does something is ENTER but Im stuck in main menu.

  6. have problems with the controller

    displayed no button -.-

    can someone help me ?

  7. C:\Users\Yaffar\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\NUMBERS\localhost