jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2017


Here are the last couple of streams, I posted them originally on tumblr, but I figure I should here too.

Stream 2017-09-24
The first one

The stream between these 2 I won't upload, I made the mistake of recording it on the next quality setting and the file ended up at 4GB, no way I'm uploading that with my shitty internet.

And on another note, today I finished downloading Near: Automata, make of that what you will.

Connection Lost...

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  1. You had another stream and didn't tell us? :(

  2. Lurker here, glad to hear you got Automata, Uriel! Make sure you keep a tissue box on hand, and maybe some kind of liquor; you'll need'em.

  3. About that 4GB stream, I guess you could try using Format Factory. If I remember correctly, it allows you to change video format as well as quality. Could help you if you ever found yourself in such a bind.

  4. Hm? Will you change the art style of the game? It looks more chibby now ... I hope that you will keep a similiar art style for the game like the old one

    1. http://urielmanx7.blogspot.mx/2017/08/finding-myself.html

    2. So just the mini version will have the new graphic style?