sábado, 16 de septiembre de 2017


Ok, so all programs downloaded, well, except for GM, the trial version seems quite limited, I'm not even sure if I could test what I want with it with the features it has, so time to go Ar Ar on its ass ;V

So, it looks like Saturday(16th) it is for the stream? Like from 6-7pm UTC-6, until my body holds, since next day is Sunday no issue getting late to bed.

I saw a bunch of ppl saying they wouldn't be able to help code wise, and that's fine, in fact, that's the least kind of help I would want, I want to do this for myself (think of my like the baby that is learning to walk and shoves away the parents hands when they try to help him). The kind of help I was thinking of is on the programs themselfs, like if I'm searching for an specific thing, someone on the chat might know where it is, and direct me to it, instead of me wandering half an hour on menus searching for it (although that can be good on its own accord too, but you know what I mean).

Anyway, I'll be monitoring the blog  to see if many ppl object about the Saturday stream, oh and remember I won't be coding anything yet, this one if sprite making so I have assets ready before hand (like in a cooking show).

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  1. Timezone converter here for us that are going to watch the stream:

    Can you pretty please post a link to your Picarto?

  2. Ahh...one more thing. This Saturday the 16th today? or next week Saturday the 23rd? (if not Sunday)

  3. I thought I missed the stream but then I noticed you never gave us a link.

  4. There was a stream, yes.
    I would have posted the link before it started, but I couldn't get past the content warning page on the blogger. I've since then had to fix the problem, but it's a little too late now.

  5. As an addendum, Uriel said he'd post the stream up on his tumblr, so you can watch what he did.

  6. None of the buttons work other than the arrow keys. Stuck on menu

    1. You may have to delete your saved game if you have played a previous version of the game. I'll quote Urielmanx on file location;

      To delete your save look for MitsukoX.sol in this folder:C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects

      After deleting the save, the game should function as normal. Except you won't be able to get past the difficulty select screen. This happens upon new files, such as when deleting saved game data. Just close and restart the game, and then it will be normal for real.

  7. Respuestas
    1. I have no idea where it would be on a mac, butare you able to do a file search? Like do a computer wide search for the file MitsukoX.sol and follow through from there.