miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018


Ok so I think I've seen enough of Godot to have a basic feeling on how it works and how would it be to make SpacEscape on it, I didn't made an hp bars or enemies, but that's just animation playing at certain conditions, pretty much like the player states (like jumping and running), if I decided to stay on Godot, there will be plenty of time to overcome any obstacles that appear.

So this would be the "final" version of that:


Next I'm going to try Multimedia Fusion, mainly because since I haven't seen any good/complex games made on it, I think it's not very powerful so I will quickly realize it's not the right program, but we'll see, there's also how well documented it is. I will attempt to do exactly the same I did on Godot and then moving on to the next program.

After that will be Game Maker's turn, pretty popular program, and has been around for a long time. And I'll leave for last Unreal and Unity.

Don't bother reporting bugs back, it's gonna be a LOOOONG time IF/WHEN I return to Godot.

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  1. Unreal? Good fucking luck, you'll have to care about your own memory management, know pretty well how the graphic hardware pipeline works and so on, it really doesn't hold your hand. Wouldn't recommend unless you started coding in the 80s.

    Unity is ok, still overly complex for what you were doing in Flash but the community is great. Definitely worth a try if you're not afraid of being way over your head for a bit.

    Can't say anything about the other two, sorry.

  2. your stuff is amazing, just discovered it all today, hope you find the program you're looking for! I'm definitely going to be checking in for updates, do you have a patreon or something?