sábado, 21 de abril de 2018



More development, less fapping :D
Then again, I'm getting some interesting ideas for if/when I implement this recharge stations.

So, onto the progress thingy. No new demo to download yet; I've been tiding things up, making the controls as tight as I can; no much new anyway, just jumping and crouching attacks; I prefer to spent more time making sure everything works nice rather than just add shit and have it all fall apart.

Right now I'm trying to figure it out how Godot goes about using the GUI nodes, in the other hand, I'm trying to make the slide like in MM games where if you slide into a small corridor the slide persists until you get out of it; I though the is_on:ceiling function would be enough, but it doesn't trigger with the slide collision box, so when the slide ends you get stuck on the walls. Also waiting to get to the tutorials part (if there's one) that explains better collission boxes, because I need to be able to implement dynamic ones, I found a way myself, but I'm not sure if I found the right way, or just managed to do it very impractically.

Aside from that, I can now warp to different stages, and make the dbl jump to carry over and the item doesn't appear again if you already collected it. So that's basic movement, items and potential save file already tackled, remaining is health bars, enemies and sex animations, then I can move to another engine to test. But who knows how much will it take, so far I'd say I'm like halfway into the road map, so far things have been easy to do, but no one knows what future may hold. (that last line is a ref)

Anyway, you can go away now, shoo, nothing to see here-

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  1. "Recharge station" or "relief station?" Might need more than just a handjob before she feels she's ready to head out again. Gotta fill up the tank before you're ready to go after all.

  2. Great stuff. Kinda random, but have you ever considered adding some sort of bloated status? Like if she's had too much fun or been grappled by a certain enemy. Might be funny seeing a chubby little mitsuko waddling around with some decreased stats.

    If animations were involved, I expect they'd need to be limited to certain enemies/areas or else the feature might be a little too hard too implement.

    1. actually, yes, but I won't, that is just about too extreme of a fetish for my taste. I won't ever put things in I don't personally like.

    2. So I assume you like to be taken by dogs... Well, taste and stuff, you know...


  3. I'm glad Godot it doing good for you, Sounds like you have been pretty busy with yourself...Um, I mean, not "busy with yourself," but rather occupied doing your programming and general building of the game.