viernes, 19 de julio de 2013


El beta has sido actualizado, estos son los cambios:

-Arreglado el bug que te traba en la aniamción de salto (ya pueden dar todo el botonazo que quieran)
-Arreglado un bug donde te podias salir del cuarto del primer jefe antes de que se cerrara la puerta
-Arreglado los drops del Golem, ahora ya tira su chipp de galería cuando debe.
-Arregle un poco las primeras capsulas, ahora se ven la grietas conforme las golpeas, deje otras sin cambio     para que comparen y me digan que modo es mejor.

Quiero aclarar que esta actualización NO CUENTA para las últimas 3 que había mencionado en posts pasados, aún faltan 3 grandes versiones del beta para dar por finalizado el demo.

The beta demo has been updated as promised, these are the changes made:

-Fixed the bug that locked you on the falling/jumping animation
-Fixed a bug that let you go out of the boos room if you tried to go back as soon as you pass through the  boos door.
-Fixed Golem's drops, now he drops his gallery and upgrade chips as intended.
-Meddled a little with the first capsules, changed the way they broke, left the others with no change so you can compare and tell me which one looks better.

I want to clarify that this DOESN'T count to the 3 big updates I mentioned in previous posts, there's still 3 big updates to the beta to get the demo finished.


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  1. so its still called the 16/06/13 version? o.o

  2. Definitely like the new capsules better

  3. I love this game, but my only complaint is that leveling is kind of pointless the way it is now with the monster's level tied directly to it. To prove my point I had an easier time beating hard at lvl 4 then I did beating monsters at lvl 14 on normal. Unless you level up perfectly(which for the life of me I can't figure out) or only do the up attack to stun them, monsters just get too strong to fight. I would suggest ether connecting monster lvl the number of items you have(eather the number of key cards or total) as a rough judge of how far the player is in the game or take the stat assignment out of the players control and have them spent upgrade cards just to lvl, since the player really has little control over the stats if they want to be able to fight without spamming.

  4. The constitution bug is still there...kind of.
    Yes i did delete the "MitsukoX.sol" file before playing the new version
    I started a new game and got some upgrade ships, saved one time and went out to the first slime.
    I got 3 damage per hit. I upgraded my con stat 2 times and recived 1 damage per hit. Then i saved again and restartet the game (close, open game, load save).
    Now i take 7 damage for every hit and the wolves deal more damage aswell grrr.
    I need to restart my game process to fix that every time.

    Second try. I started a new game and farmed some credits. I take 3 damage from slime. I upgraded con to 3 and took 1 damage. thats logical. then i spend all my credits in con and raised it to 9. i get 5 damage from the slime...I dont think this is supposed to be so xD

    raising con to 3 and saving is enough to get 7 damage for a hit. But spending more points in con after saving decreases the incoming damage again, im starting to get confused ^^

    p.s. I like the new capsules aswell :D

    wuhu cant wait to buy it :]

  5. Uriel El juego se le baja mucho el Framerate ahora O.O va ultra lento y antes no me pasaba eso.