domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

A kind request

Well, seeing all the feedback i get, made me remember quite several details about the game so to make it a nutshell:
1.-The edge skill is still experimental, so dont expect it to work (man, i swear, hit testing is the most frustating thing ive encountered in flash). Also, when you open a door make sure you arent pressing right or left, for it will trigger the edge grab, thus freezing the game.
2.You cant masturbate anymore (sorry), for now at least, im going to make it a skill, but i want to re-do the animations, so it will take a while.
3.-You CAN get everything you need to get to the golem without grabbing to an edge, though the jumps must be accurate (gonna fix it).
4.-When you get knocked several times by the golem, the escape gauge will be visible when your flying, avoid filling the bar at this point, for it will freeze mitsuko.
5.-When you enter the golem room, if you strip yourself, mitsuko will freeze, this can be cured by stripping again.
6.-You can only access the menu while on the ground

And lastly, the request, i will like to request people skilled at animating in flash (i can animate, sure, but it pains me in the ass, strangely it only happens when animating hentai ), so if there's someone around there that wants his/her name in my game is welcome to join (please just serious people that are dedicated), in other words, only people that LIKE making animations, anyone interested please send me an email.(its on my profile)
Also i would like to request a musician, its sad to admit it, but i cant do everything, and since i want the game as original as possible, ripped songs are out of the question, hence my need of someone that (again) likes to make songs on the pc.
Of course ill give credit for your efforts (it would be nice because a staff roll with only urielman will look sad XP), and of course, since im doing the game for free... well... you wont get paid, this would be just for the love for art kind of work XD.

So, if you know someone dont hesitate to tell them about my little game, it will only improve the development (i hope)

Anyways, thanks in advance.

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  2. You could gave me a staff credit if you need to pad it.


  3. es imposible agarrar todos los artículos para llegar al golem sin cojer superficies, estas mintiendo