viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

One step closer

Up-Turned Animation done.

To go:
Struggle animations

Connection Lost...

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  1. (Sorry about the other bug reports posts, please delete them)

    Fooling around and trying the weapons i just found a bug:

    Quickly alternating attacking and crouching (No matter what weapon you're using) causes mitsuko to get stuck in the floor.

    If either the sword or the glove are equipped, simply pressing once DOWN + ATTACK (While keeping pressed the attack button) frees Mitsuko.

    However, if you have equipped a ranged weapon, you get stuck until you change to a melee weapon and press down+attack.

  2. Actually, what causes the bug is keeping pressed the attack button and then crouching.

  3. And getting stuck right next to the wall to the right of the first stage's door causes getting forever stuck behind a wall:

  4. Then, by double jumping in the area to the right, somehow i got into the roof... and then...

    Are this some Eastern Eggs?

    Because if so, i'm very impressed.

    The capsule gives me an ability called Jumper.

    And then... i decided to jump...

    And then... after that crazy fall, Mitsuko gets TRAPPED IN THE EMPTY BACK VOID!
    and dies a couple of times
    until the gameover screen pops out (And cannot retry).

    >My face during all this


  5. Another way i got into the secret area: Sword equipped, air attacking against the right wall after the first stage's door.

    And the Jumper it's not a skill but a secret suit!


  6. Good news: The bug about getting stuck in the floor doesn't seem to be in the playable stage.

    And looks like i got a gimpse of more secret stuff :D

  7. Another bug:

    I don't know exactly how (was trying to jump and attack while going up) but i got stuck in some stairs:

    Looks like i got stuck forever.

  8. Somes ideas to make the boss fights challenging:

    1) Making Mitsuko lose energy when she is grabbed (Yes, not only when she's fucked but when she gets grabbed too), so the player actually NEEDS to avoid the grab attacks.

    Why: Because otherwise bosses becomes horribly easy (And too easy means utterly pointless), since as far the downloadable demo goes, once Mitsuko gets on her 'horny status', the first boss does nothing but try to grab her, but since the rape is 100% of the times avoidable (and with ease, just mashing the left and right directionals right from the start means escaping instantly), grabs are so far COMPLETELY HARMLESS, and that's very bad.

    2) Making the struggling to escape harder, up to the point that eventually it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to not get raped.

    And then, during the rape, make the 'escape bar' present a progressive challenge too (However, no matter how hard it gets to escape, it still must be possible to do so, otherwise it becomes like NanoCrisis in the infamous Dogs Stage with the heroine getting fucked for like an eternity).

    Why: Because it makes things much more interesting, since the player will actually need to struggle to make Mitsuko escape the rapes.

    3) Give the bosses a SPECIAL TECH BAR and Super Special Attacks that:
    >Have a HUGE hit box. (Ie. The grabbing animation being a giant beam, or a big ranged attack, or makes the boss dash very fast towards the heroine).
    Why: To make said SSAs potentially hard to evade.
    >Can only be used when the Boss's special tech bar is full (Said bar being filled each second that passes).
    >Cannot be avoided or escaped if hit by them (Only ending after some seconds of rape and finishing with the boss cumming on or in Mitsuko).

    Somes ideas to make the combat better:

    1) Adding a second attack button (ie. One for punch, one for kick), thus giving place for interesting combos possibilities. This of course would imply creating more moves (ie. Crouching punch, crouching kick, punching in the air)

    2) Adding some extra moves by using combinations of directionals and attack buttons.
    Ie. Forward+Kick = Stronger but slower to execute Kick, Forward+Punch = Strong Punch, UP+Punch = Uppercut (And sends flying a little the enemies, who can get hit some more in the air. This is known as "juggling"), UP+Kick = a special Kick.
    There're two games that could serve as inspiration for some of this: Tifa Tan X and Tifa Tan X2.

    3) Adding a SPECIAL TECH BAR (that slowly fills after each kill) for Mitsuko and Special Attacks that require its use.
    A fireball or a Super Special Attack perhaps?

    4) Being able to attack while dashing.

    Some ideas to make the game generally more challenging:
    2) More enemies.
    3) Anything that makes the game hard as shit.

    The harder, the better.

  9. And about improving perfomance (or how to avoid making the game slow while adding content to the stages), perhaps it would be an EXCELLENT IDEA to separate each stage in parts separated by doors or warps, so the game doesn't need to load 10 million of things per stage at all once.

    Faster, harder, more complex = Better.

  10. Found an important flaw regarding the escape system:

    Just keeping pressed both left and right directionals guarantees 100% escape :(

  11. wow... thats quite the feedback buddy, ill look onto those bugs.

    About the content:
    The secondary attack button has crossed my minds several times in the past and its most likely to become a reality since i want to make comobos.
    There wont be complex button commands (like an hadouken), because im a lazy ass.
    Also i dont think ill add a special bar to the bosses (thi's not a fighting game), but maybe they will have an special grab when their hp reachs some amount, or maybe itll be random.

  12. So, when next release is up? Since it's awesome crossover between run-or-rape and megaman-esque game. I also noticed that blue costume has no damage limit added yet, so you will never get nude to the point you lose all will points. ;-)

  13. You probably shouldn't post the locations of Easter Eggs. They're usually a secret. ^_~