domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

Wait is OVER

Well, as i promised here´s the new demo, took quite the time to reach this point, but im very happy with the results.

There is a LOT of changes so ill let you guys find out (even i cant remember what´s new XP).
Have fun.

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    Downloading like the motherfuckin' Fist of the North Star!

  2. Problems with ledge grabbing. Can't really progress beyond some point because you can't jump into the next area.

  3. Ups, i forgot to tell about that bloody edge-grabbing skill, it still needs more tweaking, dont worry, ill be sure its fixed for the next demo, but besides that, you can get all 3 cards and fight the golem, trust me, i tested that.
    I think ill let you go around more, and if i see much people are having trouble ill tell you where all the items are. ;)

    PD dont forget to continuing posting your bugs.

  4. To get past the parts inaccessible by buggy ledge grabbing, switch to bare handed so she rolls up during a jump attack, this will give you the clearance you need to jump over these ledges.

  5. getting the same problem with the ledge grabbing, the ledge opposite the top of the ladder in Area 1 is inaccessable to me regardless of which weapon i have; oh also if you don't select to leave the lift at the door it carries on out of the level indefinitely; apart from that this game is amazing, keep up the good work!

  6. Bugs I've found so far;
    - Post-ladder dance - If you continue holding Up after you've reached the top of the ladder, the character stands on the platform and moves like it's still climbing. However, you can't move or do anything. *reset*
    - I've fallen and I can't get up! - Once, I was attacked by a dog and went flying into another enemy. And I stopped. I was between both dogs, levitating above a ledge, unable to complete my fall, and therefore, unable to move. *reset*
    - Blue Door Of Death - Upon opening the blue door after I had gotten the blue security card, everything froze. I was hidden behind a pillar, so I couldn't see my character, but I couldn't move, attack, or guard. Nothing. This, however, has only happened to me once, and I've done it multiple times afterwards, no problem.

  7. >Harder and faster enemies, avoid gauge and fixed escape gauge.
    >Many bugs fixed.
    >Enemies now follow you around and can climb.
    >Holy shit ledge climbing.
    >Upper sword attack.
    >More weapons and skills.
    >Faster and more varied sex animations.
    >There can be more than one enemy on screen at the same time.
    >Much better, varied and more fluid and faster animations.
    >Much bigger stages, a moving platform, more platforming.
    >New hubs and pause screen.
    >Crouching kick and badass flying kick.
    >The Golem boss kicks ass (And is a very nice detail that Mitsuko receives damage on contact while the golem moves in liquid form)
    >The shift key displays some parameters.
    >Midstage saving consoles

    Simply GLORIOUS.
    Thank you very much for making this game!!!! Please keep up the great work.


    Additionally to the bugs already reported, i got Mitsuko stuck in the air somehow after being attacked by an enemy

  8. For some reason I can't get the girl to masturbate, whenever I press down+dash she simply dashes.

    The buttons for the guard and switch weapon remain at the s and z keys respectively regardless of changes made to the default layout.

    Lastly, I can't seem to find a way to recover suit and underwear damage except saving, and restarting.

  9. Ooohhh, this made my day, haha.

    The biggest advice I can give would be to make the jumping smoother when releasing the button.

    An easy way to do this is to set the character's vspeed(vertical speed) to vspeed + -vspeed*0.5 when you release jump. It makes for a pretty smooth transition to falling.

    I don't know how hard it would be to do in flash, though >_>

    Anyway, great work so far.

  10. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but there's no in-game sounds. Of actual bugs:
    - The suit's health doesn't appear after respawn. Also, if you disable the clothes from the menu and then put them back on, the suit health remains at "nude"
    - After loading the game, if I was hurt, the HP bar is full even tho the HP number isn't max. Furthermore, I can't improve my health then until I get hit.

  11. Two more:
    - the suit recovery powerup doesn't work
    - if I save in slot 3 and slot 2 is empty, the game saves to slot 2 even though it displays in 3 - it shows in slot 2 in the save screen and can be loaded by pressing slot 2 instead of 3.

  12. And another:
    - if I dash while grabbing a ledge, i can move through objects.

  13. Can't jump on the ledge just after you get the 2 keycard, get on the platform and jump to it just to fall back down... dont know how to get the 3rd keycard

  14. If you try to double jump before you start falling, it will fail and double jump won't work again until you touch the ground.