lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

Lets bust some viruse-*ahem* Bugs!

So far i have been able to duplicate the following bugs:

-Ladder dance.- Happened to me in the most right one, i think its just a misplacement of the ladder, should be as good as dead.
-Door of death.-Pretty much the grab glitch i mentioned earlier, i think i got it.
-Elevator.-Yeah, game freezes if you push enter while riding it, didnt see that one, also as good as dead. Busted
-Elevator(2).-True too, i didnt see it XP, but its easy to fix, so dont worry, as good as dead. Busted

For the rest of the bugs i saw, the only one i think i would be able to duplicate is when you stay flying, the other ones (save slots, config keys), im sure those are working fine, so it should be something on your end.

That's about for now, when i finish busting those ill up a ne demo.

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