lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Updated version 042715

So, since Urielman keeps his promises, here´s this week's update on the beta, uploaded on MEGA and DEPOSITFILES, since 4shared is not loading now, any hot fix afterwards that I upload within the week will be posted only on MEGA to save time. As I said before, I'll be posting at often as once per week (Monday or Tuesday) and as infrequent as once a month, everything depending on how much do I change to the game, if the changes are too small/inconsequential, I won't upload anything until a more meaningful change is made.

Here's the change log: (I actually had a notepad open while working on the game, see? I can be smart sometimes)

-Made it so the wolf and slime on the intro level don't drop loot
-Fixed the brown control console bug that didn't let you interact with it in newGame+ (at least I think, couldn't reproduce it
 but I checked the code and saw what could might cause it and fixed it)
-Tweaked the skill get process to wait until the victory sound finishes to let you close the window ALA metroid
-Figured out that the embedded fonts weren't working, turns out that you after you add them to the library you have
 reselect them as the font type on the text boxes.
-Modified the shocked state sprite for the slime.
-Fixed a bug where the wolf wouldn't show its idle animation when first spawned.
-Modified the message you get when activating one of the consoles to be a hint of what it did.
-Centered the load panel when selecting newGame+ on the title screen.
-Updated the "cheater" screen providing info on the issue (assuming you're not actually cheating, otherwise SHAME ON YOU)
-Changed the golem color to gray on the credits
-Removed old status growth for enemies
-Implemented new status growth for enemies
-Unlocked def and will level up
-Added one more signal to the intro level
-Added a white screen cum effect like in most H rpg's when an enemy cums.
-Added the white scrren to Mitsuko's masturbation cum.
-Fixed the flickering gloves for the wolf rape.
-Made the moans for the masturbation random
-Found a bug: being grab by an enemy while masturbating ends in a game break
-Found a bug: when unlocking a gallery animation due to rape while horny will make the "press enter to reboot" msg to not appear
-Updated some message box texts
-Fixed the invisible golem bug
-Found a glitch: if raped while having a gun selected some hair section revert to normal color
-Added a couple "sucess" sounds to the load and save screens
-Added a darkness effect for the intro level, the enemies spawn above it so they aren't in the shadow.
-Updated the suits selection screen to be more clear.
-Update the UI on the level up screen
-In addition to increasing the max WILL, the level up also fills your meter full.
-Increased slime's low attack starup frames from 6 to 16
-Increased slime's high attack starup frames from 6 to 13
-Mitsuko's Spear first attack Increased starup frames from 4 to 7
-Mitsuko's Dagger first attack decreased starup frames from 4 to 3
-Centered the confirmation message for the load menu on the game over screen.
-Fixed wolf's dick position on turned down animation.
-Updated cumming voice for Mitsuko
-Adjusted timing on the transition on starting a new game.
-Updated the message for getting an animation item to be more clear.
-Added how to unlock the gallery in the hints for the loading screens.
-Fixed a bug when you have the main suit and undies equipped and got a repair cloth item the main suit became unequipped
-Fixed a bug where the game froze if you hit the cancel key when prompted to save after the end credits.


-Golem battle music doesn't play for some reason
-The control panels might show the wrong message and/or activate as soon as you press UP
-When you unlock a sex animation by being raped and don't ever press accept to close the message, it will stay after the rape end
 and in some cases freeze the game as it may render useless the escape bar making it impossible to break free or make the
 "press enter to reboot" message to not appear. (happened with the horse once)
-Still can't make the current/total item count appear on the credits final message
-Golem losing it's will to fight sometimes (aka doesn't move or do anything)
-Hair and color changes are still freaky on the rape animations
-Everything else broken that I don't recall ATM
-The hints at the loading screens are locked on the melee quick change.

So, with that, I guess I'll see you next week or something...

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  1. For some reason, it's constantly repeating the same thing in the hint message during loading for me. (The one about quick-changing melee weapons.)

    On another note, I just wanted to say that out of all the H-games in development that I know of, this is probably my favorite. Not only is the H-content AND gameplay great, but the setting and atmosphere are fantastic as well. Kudos on the music selection! It's amazing. ^^ Keep up the great work!

    1. Yeah, I noted that too after uploading, it's fix now, I'll wait for some more bugs to squash to put a hot fix.

  2. Wow! Que gran juego amigo! se ve que tiene futuro! c:
    Gracias por compartirnos tu H-Game! esperare con ansias las próximas actualizaciones!

    Una pequeña pregunta, aun no hay sistema para guardad la partida verdad? ni de subir los stats de la chica?
    Y gracias nuevamente por tu grandioso juego! xd

    1. oh, olvida sobre lo de guardar partida, ya supe como xD (pensé que era de guardado libre)
      Y tambien creo que ya supe sobre el aumento de stats c:

    2. Un detalle que e notado, al aumentarme el stat de DEFENSA vi que a la hora de que los mobs golpean o violan (cuando esta desnuda) a la chica el Damage es mayor :c

  3. Con is still broken and works in reverse like it did before. Wolf does 1 damage with 1 con. at 100 con, it does 99 damage. Will on the other hand seems to work properly. I have to test it out more, but with 840 max will, wolf still did only 1 damage.

  4. And not new enemy or weapon. Will we ever see them?

  5. I am sorry for being a jerk before. I have a little problem, for some reason the game runs slow, the framerate is horrible and i cant do anything once i get the double jump skill ( This is the same computer that i used to play the first ver of your game with no problems) so every time i try to double jump i cant and worst my attack stoped from working on the enemies. Is this a problem on my Adobe player or is the game?

  6. I am sorry for being a jerk before. I have a little problem, for some reason the game runs slow, the framerate is horrible and i cant do anything once i get the double jump skill ( This is the same computer that i used to play the first ver of your game with no problems) so every time i try to double jump i cant and worst my attack stoped from working on the enemies. Is this a problem on my Adobe player or is the game?

  7. A mi el juego me corre lento ( Cuando antes me corria super rapido) el framerate baja muchisimo y no puedo hacer cosas tan simple como Doble salto, me salta 1 vez pero no la 2da ( Despues de conseguir el upgrade) Es no solo molesto sino que hace todo injugable y en versiones anteriores esto no me pasaba.

    1. Mmm, pues la verdad no sé que asó ahí, calaré el juego en la pc de mi mamá que es mucho menos potente que la mía a ver que pasa. Hasta donde yo sé, no le he agregado nada que pudiera impactar en el desempeño del juego, salvo que ahora corre a 30fps en lugar de 25. Te corre lento en todas las calidades?

    2. Si, y eso no pasaba antes de la version de 2013 esa fue una de las razones por las que no volvi a jugar.

  8. That's quite the list, I'll have to play through this week and see if I can spot any more bugs for you. Keep up the good work sir.

  9. Will does not seem to impact damage received anymore like it used to. This is good. Speaking of will however, I found a minor bug in control rooms (save points) for some reason the big recovery pill when picked up, 'lingers' for a little bit on the ground instead of disappearing immediately upon pickup.

  10. Uriel, I think recovering fully the person Will after they level up is a bad idea, because they could hold on Chips and when their Will is too low, they just need to add points on it and level up, recovering on the spot.

  11. Thanks for the New Demo/beta update. The game looks Good!
    Keep up the good work AND THANK YOU!! for doing this 2D-furry-H-action-game.
    Thanks ^_^

  12. Hey, I DL'd the new version and decided to delete my save data to get a fresh run going with no previous data.

    So, I beat the game on Normal and go right into Hard. The game broke during the intro level and I couldn't progress. So, I close it the game and upon loading it back up I was greeting with a "corrupted data" message and it deleted my saves.
    So, I beat Normal a second time and decide to close the game first instead of jumping right into Hard to see if that will stop that from happening. But, was greeted again with the corrupted data message upon opening it and it deleted my save data.

    Just a heads up!

  13. I saw these issues:
    When the wolf finishes his missionary rape at horny, it still breaks the game. You disappear and have to restart.
    Her gloves still flicker when knocked down.

    Also, is the slime in the intro supposed to come out, or are you supposed to hit it through the floor?

    1. Ever since that bug was reported last week, I haven't be able to reproduce it. Were you by chance pushing any buttons at any time during the rape, other than the arrow keys?

    2. No, I pretty much just let the wolf rape her until he finished on his own. I removed her clothes from the menu, let it knock me down, and go at it. I noticed it a few versions back as well.

    3. I had something similar to this happen. In the area after the hanger with the two wolves, I let the second wolf rape me until the horny bar went all the way up (I too had removed my clothes from the menu). After I broke free Mitsuko was invisible until I moved, but after that she was fine and I just continued on.

    4. I've been getting this every time, as well, but not just with misionary; it happens in either case when the wolf finishes the rape at horny. It causes her to become invisible and you can't do anything after that, you have to restart. Very irritating.

      And I haven't been able to find a way to get that slime out from that room either...

  14. Love the game. So if this could help make it better here are a few of the bugs I've run into.

    1: When Con goes up I take more damage.
    2: When i get raped by a slime when horny my escape bar becomes so large as to go off the screen and its impossible to escape.
    3: When i loaded from the save room out side of the Golem the world didn't seem to load and i fell until I died, This didn't happen every time but a few times

  15. Hi, Uriel! As usual, your game is awesome. In my opinion, though, one of the best, if not THE best, features of your game is how Mitsuko's hair changes color depending on her gun. It gives enough variety... for me at least.

    I would like to suggest that you add the change hair color feature in the gallery. That would make the gallery even more beautiful.

    Also, if you want me to proofread your game, you can send me the tips and other quotes in the game to my e-mail address I'd be more than glad to help.

    1. Also, about the brown door not opening when triggered in the tutorial stage, I don't know if I got the bug right, but I think it happens when you have unlocked the New Game+, and you collect the "secret item" before you trigger the brown panel. this happens both when you play New Game and New Game+.

      Basically, I am unable to open the brown door if I get the secret item first, but when I reload the game and trigger the brown door before I get the secret item, it works fine.

  16. Before anyone might rage at what I say, I did not read the comments or the latest updates for a real long time, and will probably not read them now either....

    1) Did you enable the controller play yet?
    I am using my xbox controller to play many games on the PC and it doesn't work with the game (I assume it should, as it has the controller info on load)

    2) The text in the secret room should say: "only when ON the ground" instead of "only when IN the ground"

    3) Does the demo end at the green door or am I missing something?

    1. Another thing I have noticed is when I move up and down, jump or anything that is not walking in a straight line, the DEF indication numbers bounce.

    2. Ok.... Ignore 3.

      Another new thing I found is that the enemies disappear if you go in and out of the ship inside the hangar.

    3. One more, the gloves also flash and change colors when doing the blowjob scenes with the horse.

  17. hi there =)
    found some bug: you can change to freeze gun just after picking up stun gun by pressing *up arrow*+"z"
    p.s. btw, what`s up with that last collectible from "secret room" in prison cell.. does it do anything?

  18. Hello ^^,

    I have no idea how that can happen now.
    In "Intro_Lvl" the slime stuck in the upper room.
    I can therefore not continue playing because I have to defeat the slime so that the green door opens.

    Sry for my bad English. >.<

  19. I don't know if you're already aware, but it's possible to get stuck in the "climbing" animation in places where you can't actually climb.

    It happened to me when I reached the top of one of the ladders in the zone with the mud golem, and I couldn't do anything but close and restart.

    1. You also can't climb down the stairs leading to the blue locked room above the first boss room. (If that makes any sense)
      It was the same with the old version of the game.

  20. I have an issue with the first slime you encounter in the blue room just after the elevator. After Mitsuko is raped by it the third time you can not get free of it. The escape bare stays empty. Not sure why, but it has happened every time so far. (My clothes were taken off in the menu, I prefer to play the whole game naked, lol)

  21. I can not acess the sectors one and two. Why?

  22. Can't find last 2 items: 2nd main suit and 3rd undersuit.. Where i can find 'em?

  23. I can not acess the sectors one and two. Why?

  24. I can not acess the sectors one and two. Why?