lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

Report#Priorities fail

So, yesterday I was all ready and prepared to spent the day to try to fix as much as possible before updating...But it just so happened that yesterday I noted that  Rimuririmu Paradise Iseki was released, and spent literally all day playing that until I beat it, so fuck my life X_X

So screw it, I'll just update as it is and let the world burn, as I said previously, couple of things you'll find unfinished/unpolished, but nothing game-breaking (I hope).
After this, I'll update more frequently, as soon as I have made a considerable change that is, no point on updating just for a color change in a single asset for example, I will still continue to use the progress bars, but I'm not waiting until I'm done with all to update the beta.
Part of this is so I can actually tell you what has changed, because as of now, even I do not know what are all the differences between this new beta and the last you all saw, one thing I would like to mention though, the end credits still lack a couple of names on it, don't worry, I'll give credit where credit is due.

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  1. A few errors/bugs/annoying things with this build:

    1) "Transmission" is spelled wrong in the cutscene.

    2) If Mitsuko is raped by a wolf while she is horny and then climaxes, she completely disappears from the game, does not lower in horniness, and the wolf runs in place where she used to be. The game also stops responding to input completely. Not sure if this is exclusive to the Intro Stage or occurs elsewhere.

    3) It is extremely annoying to kill the blob to open the door during the intro stage on Normal Difficulty, as the only move that reaches it is the jumping overhead kick, and it only inflicts 1 HP of damage on the blob. I had to kick it over 30 times to finally kill it and open the door, making this part of the Intro Stage very tedious. I recommend either making the blob weaker in HP than normal or using a monster with less defense.

    4) If Mitsuko is raped to 0 HP while she is on her back (game over), she will immediately switch to the doggy style horny pose after the next orgasm.

    5) After completing the Intro Stage, Mitsuko will be fully clothed in her cell. Grabbing the clothing repair power-up on the floor causes her to strip to her undies, though the normal clothing can still be re-equipped.

  2. Couldn't reproduce 2); only weird thing is that the wolf becomes non hostile afterwards until attacked again, which I think is intended? I don't remember...Everything else taken care of, gonna wait ´til more things came up to update the thing, which I will upload only to one site, probably mega.

    1. It's not that ( if i think what i'm about to write), the wolf when climaxes on horny state, will make mitsuko 'dissapear', she would be no longer in the game and the game wont respond (well, enemies try to attack something but nothing happens) mitsuko dissapears from the game.

      Other bugs:

      -As mentioned, panting animation won't appear
      -Loading bar is glitched in the intro. (Perhaps because browser)
      -CG's won't appear on game over, also exit game doesn't work too. (Unless is clear the game in hard mode reward)

      that's all for now, i'll try to find more if possible.

    2. Apparently the disappearing thing doesn't happen if she was raped on her back, but when climaxing in doggy style while in the Horny state, she disappears. I was able to reproduce it.

      Also, one additional bug: Using the game in a browser allows one to see things outside of your normal field of view, and at times gives you this odd zoomed in perspective that puts the health bar and so on near the center of your screen and you barely able to see the floor.

    3. Mmm, nope, still can't reproduce it, tell me step by step what do you do to trigger it from when you start the game until the bug happens please.

  3. Am I the only one that has her health bar and all that in the middle of the screen? Also I can only just see the floor, which has made it impossible to find ladders and such.

    1. No, the game is not optimized for browser play; I switched to an local setting as soon as that kind of things started to came, I'll replace the .swf with an exe next update. You can still play normally with the swf, but you need to let flash open it, not a browser.

  4. so while failing to kill the blob for about 10 minuets of jump kicking she grabbed a hold of the green door, climbed up it into a black screen space where she could move but nothing would happen.

  5. These are all the glitches/bugs I came into contact with that weren't mentioned yet:

    - I can't upgrade my Defense or Will (Life) at all. I even waited until I had 50 upgrade chips, still nothing.

    - The slime/blob has a hole in it's attacks, there's a spot directly inside of it where you can stand and it can't hit you or chase you.

    - In the large undeground cavern, if you go all the way to the top (where the Javelin is) and come all the way back down to the bottom (where the Dash power-up is) without going into any doors, the moving platform to get to the Dash power-up spawns in the wrong place, making it inaccessible. Entering any door on the lower levels fixes it.

    - Completing the game (on Normal if this matters) and playing a New Game+ produces a number of odd glitches.
    - Brown door doesn't open in the Intro Level.
    - Game Overing to wolf and continuing causes the game to act funny: Mitsuko respawns with zero health; Mitsuko doesn't land properly/is still in her fall animation; Only buttons that work are Jump and Dash; Reloading the save file reproduces only this state.

    - Speaking of loading, if you Game Over to anything, when you try to load the game the UI is off center. Selecting your file places the confirmation even further off center, almost completely off screen.

    - In the gallery, if you view the horny forward cum animation for the slime it won't let you do anything else but back out to the monster selection menu.

    - In New Game+ (on Easy I think, might have been Hard), completing the Intro Stage simply boots you to the end credits.

    (Opinion) - The Javelin is probably too strong, it's not really slow enough to justify it's high power. Dual Daggers are likewise probably too weak. Gun effects should remain after hitting with a melee weapon, it seems to me that they serve little to no combat purpose otherwise.

    That's all I can think off, I hope I helped.

    1. Well, I tried to format that as a list so that it was easy to read, but it didn't like that apparently. My apologies.

  6. I am having a problem when I press space or enter. The game kinda breaks, it keeps changing screens, one screen where it says cheater! cheater! cheater! a bunch of times, one other says that I don't have all the files for the game so I shouldn't blame you if the game breaks or something with a button that just sends me to the title screen. It might be because of the program I'm using. Haven't had that problem before on other flash games though, so I don't know.

    1. Somehow you're triggering flash play command, the game is, after all, just a flash movie, but that can lead to breaking the game, that's why I added that cheater screen, forcing the play option continuously will result in that kind of behavior you mention.

  7. I cannot beat the game! I have 16/17 items, 3 melee, 3 ranged, 2 main armor, 3 secondary armor, 3 keycards, 4 skills. What am i missing.

    1. 4 skills?

      Double jump

      you're missing one of those.