jueves, 2 de abril de 2015

Report#Well, at least I tried

Hi ya'll
Ok, so I didn't post anything because I was literally using all of March to try to finish what I was working on, and I didn't post anything yesterday because Aprils fool, the temptation of doing a really mean troll was to big, like, I was planning of doing a very credible updated beta, like with all the files in place and the file size, only ending in a Rickrolled when you clicked on the swf, so, yeah, by how things were with the almost 2 year with no updates, ppl would had flipped their shit, so no :P

Ok, so, with that out of the way, the intro is technically finished, as in, the animations are done, I must admit I underestimated the complexity of the task, as I still have to finish the CG I planned for it, right now it has a placeholder which is basically the CG but in sketch form, soooooo, I need to finish it, and do some testing after that to make sure the whole thing is playable, like, to the public, because it's been so long, that I have modified it from the last version you saw, that somethings are usual to me, like having game's info on screen, or some other things unfinished on plain sight, and I need to make sure it's presentable, it shouldn't take too long, I don't want to give an exact date, because we all know how that will turn out, but I'd say sometime next week, if not before, so, yeah, that's all for today, and I guess I'll see you next update.


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  1. Thank you for resisting the urge to troll us all for April Fools (unlike every other programmer out there...). You're doing good! Just do things at your own pace, don't burn yourself out, and let us know you're alive now and then.

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  3. Awesome, I'm glad to hear things are progressing so well. It's good hearing a rough estimate for when the new update can be out, too. I'll look forward to seeing the fruits of your effort soon.

  4. Will you be showing the super secret outfits? I'm particular with the one that has the black squiggly line over it, it has the tendency to transform depending on the frame Misuko's in. Well, they all do, I suppose. Probably my favorite is the one that looks like the top of a pink swimsuit.