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New version

Ok, fixed the intro story so here's an update with more fixes:

-Lowered the slime on the intro stage so it's easier to reach.
-Modified the wall near the last green door on the intro stage so you can't climb and glitch out of      boundaries.
-Added some signals to the intro stage.
-Added some signals on the sub menu so the same bug doesn't get submitted over and over.
-Made the warning sign and my logo skip-able.
-Fixed a bug when the wolf rapes Mitsuko on horny down the animation goes to horny up instead.
-Added proper stance for the satisfied wolf after rape on horny. Remains non hostile until attacked.
 If you go too far away from him it will be de-spawned. The next spawn hostile as normal.
-Made it so that if for some reason you get to the credits screen other than the normal way, the credits  won't load.
-Added the BGM folder I forgot from last time.
-Updated skill and item sound pick ups.
-Arranged some skills placement.
-Changed the "poop monster" color to gray.
-Added some sound effects to the Golem

Things pending/to comment:

-Reproduce that Mitsuko dissapearing after raped by wolf, game-braking bug so I can debug it.
-The wolf on the intro stage doesn't go satisfied until the second time. Other wolves seem to be fine.
-GO CG's aren't even in the game, I haven't finished them. It's not a bug
-And of course since I tampered with the golem, something broke, and now he goes invisible when walking, are you up for the challenge? (not really, he's still a push over)

Link is in the right as always, only the MEGA one in updated, since I will be updating constantly, it's a pain to upload to 3 different sites every time.

So, once the wave of bugs have kinda died down, I'll start on the next batch that will cover the stats bug, improving the combat system and tweaking some core mechanics of the game, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.


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  1. To be honest, I think you should give us a provisory Gun so we could shoot the slime, then make Mitsuko get captured in the wallway near the end, where they remove the Gun from her and throw her in the cell naked.

    I think shooting the Slime is more intuitive there, and also teach the player that he can shoot his weapon upwards as well.

    1. Only problem with that is that the thrown into cell sequence has been scrapped. Also, it's very hard for me to grasp the concept of someone not capable to be able to jump, hold the button to reach max height, and then press attack, so I'm not prone to make changes based on that. But I for a fact there are ppl that have trouble with that, one my closets friends can't jump shooting in Megaman, but still, the concept still seems alien to me since I've been doing that since I was a little boy.
      But the suggestion is good, I'll try to add something along those lines around when you get the first gun.

  2. Of note, I haven't been able to reproduce the Mitsuko Disappearing bug since the last 1 or 2 versions. I think, though, it had something to do with going to the panting animation straight from the horny rape.

    On another note, as a clarification to your intro wolf not being satisfied until the second time, it is not specific to the intro wolf exactly. The first wolf you are raped by in Horny State, period, doesn't go satisfied. For instance, if you kill the first wolf without triggering that and go out to the regular game, then let yourself get raped by the first wolf in the hallway in horny state, he won't be satisfied the first time, either.

  3. If I might request a purely aesthetic change, have the wolf that raped you in horny state move off a little bit before assuming its satisfied pose, so we're able to see Mitsuko lying on the ground, perhaps?

  4. Where's new enemies? Can't find 'em..
    Also can't find CG...

    1. Quoting myself:
      "...-GO CG's aren't even in the game, I haven't finished them. It's not a bug..."

  5. After the first brown door, are you supposed to uppercut attack through the floor to kill the slime to get through the next door?
    Also, are the gloves supposed to flash during sex?
    As for the 'Mitsuko dissapearing after raped by wolf' glitch. I got it when I took off clothes and got knocked down on her back and let the wolf have its way with me. After she got horny and the wolf finished she disappeared. Then I tried the same wolf and got knocked on my front and the same thing happened. Got it again with a different wolf. The ones I tested it on were in the area where you find the first horse and the golem. Took off clothes and did it with the first wolf and it happened again. Every time I unlocked the gallery. Hope that's enough info for you to find the bug. ^^'
    Also, what is up with the cheating screen? I am not sure what I did. : /

    Good luck with the game! ^_^

  6. Uriel ¿por que la galería no se habilita tras vencer al primer boss? digo sale el aviso de que ya se puede acceder a ella desde la pantalla de titulo pero no sale ninguna opción para la galería. ¿tu lo as dejado así o es un bug del juego?

    PD: me gusta mas esta nueva intro.


    1. La galería galería, o sea la opción en la pantalla de título, se saca completando el juego en easy.
      Cuando la desbloqueas, la galería trae por default la primer animación de cada enemigo. Ese aviso que dices sólo te dice que encontraste una animación para la galería, no que desbloqueaste la galería en sí.

    2. pero solo se puede jugar en normal.

  7. I have a really odd problem. I have tried the latest version on two computers. One works fine, but for the other the game will only accept the arrow keys and the enter key so I can't get past the main menu. I have tried every key on my keyboard with no luck. The old version of the game worked on it, but I don't have that version anymore so I don't know if it still does.

  8. I've encountered a bug where, if I get raped to death and choose to go back to the main menu, the main menu is unresponsive and does not accept input.

  9. the disappearing glitch hapens with the horse too, it might work with others but i usually die from them when entering the horny state, it might be something with the invincibility frames glitching out or something.

  10. Found some more bugs:
    When switching ammo, back hair changes in the menu but not the front.
    If you press jump and hold the button down the walk animation does not activate when you move until you let go of the button. Does not affect double jump
    When going to save point and normal suit health is above 50, the suit is unequipped when getting more suit health.

    Good luck with the game! ^_^

  11. Excellent! I'll download from the MEGA site and let you know if I find any bugs that haven't already been mentioned.

  12. Two things i've seen so far. If you have a keyboard that has both a left ctrl and right ctrl button, pressing the right ctrl button may instantly kick you to the cheater screen. I was climbing up a ledge and my finger slipped onto the right ctrl key, and the game instantly sent me to the cheater screen. Also, you're probably aware of this, but the stat system (even with the skills you can level up) is broken; the defense scaling based on your level is impossible to keep up with if you do any reasonable skill distribution (for example, one level in str gets you decent damage against lv. 2 enemies. Putting 2 or 3 levels in dex right after that so that your damage is consistent (for the sword, 30-42 damage), will make you so weak relative to the enemies that your strongest attack with the sword(sword combo finisher) will only do at most 3 damage to slimes and 1 to horses, though your wolf damage will still be okay.

  13. Next: When golem is very low on HP, at 50(easily attainable by only using ice bullets against him, he's one bullet away from death at this point) his AI begins acting very strangely. It won't do anything unless you overlap with him, at which point he'll attack you. It's as if he's given up.

    1. Also, his attack will usually be the triple shot. If it knocks you away from him, he won't move because you've left that range at which he'll resume attacking you. You can lay there as long as you want, he won't move an inch.

    2. The awesome new music for the "YOU GOT AN ITEM!" does not play upon picking up the Spear Chip.

    3. Nor does it play upon picking up the Dagger Chip.
      Let's see...also, if you pick up an clothing restoration pickup (such as the ones in save rooms),
      when you first start the game and pick them up, it'll take off your upper suit and leave you in your underwear. If, later in the game when you have the Casual wear as well, if you have a damaged main suit and switch to the casual, then pick up the armor restoration item, it will forcibly re-equip the main suit and repair it, meaning your main suit has to be at 100/100 before you can repair the casual.

    4. The credits are awesome. xD Mitsuko's great. Oh, also, when you get to the end of the credits, you see
      "Your rate for collecting items is" -blank line-
      (shouldn't the blank part be (X/17) in percent, where X is currently required to be 17?)

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