martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Report #A stone in the road

So, when I was testing the intro to see how well it integrated into the main game, I never thought of actually start the new game, I always close the game when the intro was pretty much done, so I never noticed that it keeps looping, meaning I screwed up something while was making it. Problem is, finding what was it, I might just redo the code, I clearly remember that when I did the set up (that the main game would load external swf's) it was done first try, so I don't think it will take much time to fix this. Other than that, still gotta finish the cg and is pretty much done, so yeah, next beta not too far away.


5 comentarios:

  1. Pretty good news to hear, can't wait to finally see your hard work first hand.

  2. Hello! Thank you for this game! Can't wait to see new version.
    One thing though... I have problems trying to play it on linux (64 bit firefox-31.5 with flash-
    After resizingit looks like this:
    At 1x zoom everything looks fine, but quite small. =)
    And after some time game becomes laggy.
    On windows everything's fine though.

    1. Mmm, sorry, but I don't know anyone that uses linux or a mac, so I can't give you support on those :/

  3. well hopefully this finishes soon cause i am gonna get a heart attack the game is nice and if editing the gameplay a bit more with a little more detail on the main character this game shall become my fav